Dear Neighbors,

I am emailing to let you know that things are okay here. I know you heard the screaming yesterday because B2 was hit in the face with his baseball. He is okay. His lip is swollen 5 x its normal size. He is taking EOG's today and he might call me when that is over for me to come get him.

Don't worry about the screaming you just heard here. Because poor B2 was stressed to the MAX he had an accident last night. I was sneaking downstairs to wash sheets and such. Lil O KEPT OPENING the basement door. I had this vision of Baby M falling down the stairs and such.

LIL O KEPT OPENING THE DOOR. I'd come running up and slam the door. Lil O would open it again.

It took me like 15 minutes to put some clothes in the wash because Lil O wouldn't listen.

I just wanted you to know that the kids are fine. Lil O is eating. Baby M is nursing. B2 is at school taking tests. Hormonal teen is just being a teen.

Your Neighbor

PS. Let's cookout soon!


Mrs Furious said…
You need a hook on that door so you can look from the stairs when you go down! This was a constant issue with Kid & Baby at our old house. i just needed to be able to not have to worry about Baby DYING!