KIDS gone WILD! Coming to a DVD near you.


Carolee said…
Aw...that's not THAT bad! I used to be a Home Daycare Provider. Having all those kids everyday-whew!
Supermom said…
Nahhh, it wasn't too bad.
Penelope Anne said…
it really wasn't bad - and you managed to make me feel worse about my mess!!!! LOL
And that is what kids do! Those darling lovable creatures!

You should show this video to all teens so they practice abstinence.
Supermom said…
I should make a new video.


Show all four of the kids at their best. I mean worst!!
Kati said…
Wow.. mine is much much worse.. and I have 1.5 kids making the mess!! Lucky you!

P.S. I LOVE your videos!