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It's that time again!!!!! Have fun with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to answering these.


How long have you been blogging AND how do you come up with ideas for blog posts?
Supermom said…
OCB ~ That's a good question.

I have always been one to keep a journal. So starting a blog was pretty simple. I was pregnant with my third child when my BIL suggested I start a blog.

So I did. At first is was some boring silly AOL homepage blog. Then I went to MySpace and was private. Then I went to Wordpress for a bit. Then I bought a couple domain names and went from there.

Too much information???

Thankfully my family is very entertaining giving me lots of things to blog about. Having a teenage daughter is ummm exciting to say the least. I have an 11 year old son who wipes boogers on the wall and was told on national TV. Lil O is driving me crazy with her tantrums and she is only 4. Then there is Baby M who just turned 1 in April.

Right now I am trying to talk Superdad into another baby in a year or two.

I will be turning 35 this month so I feel a sort of pressure to have another one while I can.

Whatever happens will be okay.

Thanks for asking the questions!
Anna said…
How do you get peanut butter off the cat?
Supermom said…

What were you doing to get peanut butter on the cat??

Perhaps you could have the dog lick it off????

Just a suggestion!