101 Uses of Plastic Wrap for childproofing.

I used to get so tired of picking these up:

Childproofing 101

So I did this:

Childproofing 101

Now, I am not picking up CD's 100+ times a day!!!!!


Penelope Anne said…
LOL! Where were you when mine were little - this is brilliant! I may do it with the DVDs anyway - and Sterlings games - HA! I LOVE IT! OMG - I left my cell in the truck on saturday night after the cook out and when i got in this morning I had a message from you about Muffins - UGH! IM TOO MAD! LOL - I know they were good - OH and IM RSVP'n as well! I cant wait :D
Smooches Beau! XO
Supermom said…
HA HA!!! Yes, you can play with the plastic wrap and really mess with their minds!!! LOL

Just don't use it on the potty because you'll have to clean that up!!!

I wondered if you got it. I was cooking and texting at same time. I also don't want to annoy you with my clinginess. :)

Have a wonderful Monday. B2 home sick from camping in the rain all weekend with scouts and H has check up today! I have to get her early from school.
Penelope Anne said…
I just got back from picking up Roman from school sick! :( YUCK! So he and Hope are home in my bed watching cartoons! OMG! Ill have to email ya about Clingy - yikes! LMAO! How funny would the potty be! LOL - i may have to endure the clean up just for the laugh - especially first thing in the morning - while there eyes are still blurry! HA :D
Penelope Anne said…
LOl! Tell super dad that I just talked to Charlie and the ack he told me that stat stood for was
Short Turn-Around Time
Jennifer said…
That is such a brilliant idea. Well, as long as you don't want to listen to any of those cd's anymore. I may need to do this with my entire home. Anytime I put something somewhere it isn't there anymore. Drives me insane.
Supermom said…

Yeah you will want to pick out the CD's you listen to the most before you do this!!!!

Glad you all enjoyed this!!!!
Vanessa said…
Now why didn't I think of that?!?
That's awesome!!