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Have you ever???

On this day 5 years ago I married my best friend.

Supermom lets her hair down.

Happy Birthday to me.

Need I say more about Chocolate Icing?

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !?!??!??!??!

Doin' the Penguin!!!

No, I'm not excited or anything.

I get pissed off when I hear something like this.

Only the best baby!

Just a Swingin'

I am on pot of coffee #2.

Wow, what a weekend.

She can still see!!! I am laughing with you NOT AT YOU!!

Square Foot Gardening

Dear Neighbors,

Tonight I cried...

KIDS gone WILD! Coming to a DVD near you.

Mom's do know it all.

O. M. G. Make it stop!!!!!

My article was published!!!!!!

My friends think I am a Kung Fu fighter!! CHOP CHOP!!

Let the countdown begin!

I want Urban Burrito to go with my Corona!

I sure wish I had a donut......sigh.....

A funny that Superdad emailed me:

Ask Supermom

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!! ~whew, what a relief~

Supermom Speaks.

Things you should know when joining Facebook.

Guest Blogger Marlene Byrne: Paving the Way for Backyard Play

My daughter has talent. I knew this but wanted you to know.

Nothing says fresh like cutting your own herbs.

An email from Target:

Does guilt work for a teenager?

Bowling. Must have sense of humor.

Superdad liked this card so much that he gave it to me twice.