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Have you ever???

Been woken up by a SCREECHING duck at 5:30 am????? I am here to say that it wasn't amusing. It woke us both up thinking, "What the heck?" Then we realized a duck was at our window screeching. ~shaking head~ One of the hazards of living by a lake I suppose. It may be a small man made lake but still has all the lake critters to go with it.

I hope the ducks don't make it a habit to come hang out at our house that early again!

Today has been a wonderful wedding anniversary with my husband. I am really blessed to have him in my life. This may sound corny but "he does complete me". He's the jelly to go with my peanut butter. The icing to go on my cake. The mayo for my sandwich. The spring in my step. The water to go with my beach. You get the drift. He's all of that and more.

I found time to make a very small grocery list for later. Probably tomorrow. I am going to use what is in the house to cook with this week. I have stashed stuff in the freezer that will come in handy this week.

Here's a menu in no certain order.

Chicken with wild rice. Ham with creamed corn. Salmon loaf. Veggie burgers. Fiesta salad ~ a recipe from my new cookbook that Monica gave me for my birthday. Veggie night. Then we will have birthday celebration night. I am going to treat Superdad, H and B2 for a nice dinner over the weekend.

This is what my calendar looks like.

May 29 ~ My birthday
May 30 ~ Our anniversary
May 31 ~ My niece turns 4
June 3 ~ My granny's birthday
June 6 ~ Superdad's birthday
June 7 ~ My sister's birthday
June 8 ~ H's birthday
June 17 ~ My mamaw's birthday

There are a few other birthday's in June as well. Sooooooooo, I thought I would take Superdad, H and B2 out to celebrate all together! Of course all of us will go and have a fabulous time together! I even have a few surprises up my sleeve for them as well. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh......

You know I'll post how much I spent and how much I saved when I get back. I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend. Thank you for our well wishes!!

On this day 5 years ago I married my best friend.

Today I look forward to celebrating five years with my husband.

Happy Anniversary honey. I love you.



Supermom lets her hair down.

Yesterday I had my birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Really I did. Most of my friends have kids so I thought it was the perfect place!!! I speak for us all by saying it was a wonderful time. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

This is Mary Jane.

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Here is Superdad. I <3 you honey.

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

I had my party at CEC and all I got was this stuffed mouse. :)

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Baby M gets down!! GO BABY! GO BABY!

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

This is an awesome par-tay!

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

They tried to embarrass me. They came out playing musical toy instruments and then sang Happy Birthday.

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

I am such a good sport. They even dressed me like a hula girl with a boa!!!

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

I now have my Halloween costume!

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

This is Renee from Candy Stick Lane. PS. Baby M is wearing a Candy Stick Lane dress for the party.

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Some of the girls from the par-tay.

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Happy Birthday to me.

Today is my birthday. Today I turn the great age of 35.

Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday Dear Michelle.
Happy Birthday tooooo me.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !?!??!??!??!

Lil O was talking NON stop on the way to the grocery store while I was TRYING to jam out to a song on the radio.

She was totally messing with my mojo.

I turned around and went, "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Lil O ~ "Why did you go shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?"

"Because you won't stop TALKING."

She then continued to talk all the way to the grocery store. At the grocery store. All the way back home.

Doin' the Penguin!!!

Go BABY M!! Go BABY M!!'

No, I'm not excited or anything.

I get pissed off when I hear something like this.

Why can our kids not play outside safely?!??!?!

This was in our local paper.

Girl recovering after dog attack

Sabian Warren • May 26, 2009 02:13 PM

Candler — A 9-year-old Candler girl is recovering at Mission Hospital today after being mauled by three dogs Friday.

Erin Thomas was listed in good condition this afternoon, according to Mission patient information services.

The attack happened at 6:18 p.m. Friday on Corvette Drive, according to a Buncombe County Animal Control incident report. Two pit bulls and a Rottweiler owned by a neighbor were involved in the attack.

Only the best baby!

Today feels like Monday. Ugh, I cannot shake it! Having an extra holiday day has me all out of sorts.

This morning I got up and hit Earth Fare. Which was totally fun. I bought all sorts of goodies for my company. I am sooooo excited that my MJ will be here in less than 24 hours!!!

I have comfy organic cotton sheets on her bed. Lil O even picked out flowers for MJ. We put them in a vase and in the bedroom for her.

Mary Jane's FLowers

I am sure I will have lots to blog about in a few days but for now I am at a loss of words. Forgive me??? Maybe turning 35 this week and celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary with Superdad is on my brain.

Just a Swingin'

Superdad took this video when he had the babies out earlier. Lil O and Baby M having fun.

I am on pot of coffee #2.

I cannot WAKE up today! Maybe because everyone is home. I don't know. I finally went in and made another pot of coffee. I hope that it will help REVIVE me!!!

Time will tell. Is anyone else dragging today?????

It's nice to not have plans today. We've been outside some. I've worked with my herbs some. I have some drying and some in the freezer. I also have some in the fridge to use this week.

The shower is finished. It looks much better. A complete overhaul will have to be done in a couple years. Previous owners weren't kind to it. Poor shower.

I am craving Urban Burrito again so we are going to have that for dinner. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into a Chicken Chipotle Burrito. YUMMMMMMMM!!!!

Tomorrow will be clean house day and grocery shop for company. This will be a bonus shopping trip not related to my shopping trip that will be done on Saturday. I thought I would make chicken pasta for Mary Jane one night. My par-tay is one night. Then we will be hitting Tupelo Honey one morning. So, I need to make a plan and buy snacks and breakfast things. I thought I'd get Ginger Zing Granola and some Vanilla Yogurt. Croissants. Fruits and cheeses. Sounds just lovely. I enjoy having company and being the hostess with the mostest.

Okay, the couch is floating away must go HOLD IT DOWN!

Wow, what a weekend.

We worked. We argued. But we haven't had make-up sex.

This weekend has been busy to say the least. I thought I would strip off the yucky caulk in the hall bathroom. Which made Superdad grumpy and he's been putting new caulk up today.

H went to spend the weekend with her grandparents but she came home on Saturday because she is sick.

Superdad did take B2 to see the Star Trek movie. B2 loves it but Superdad wasn't impressed. I am not sure the specifics.

My fingers are so sore and swollen. From working 6 hours in the hall bathroom!!!! Someone come kiss and make them better please. OR bring DONUTS!!!!!!! WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!

The countdown continues until Mary Jane is here. Hormonal teen didn't want to give up her bedroom with the big bed so I am working on B2's room for company.

I had the awful vision on MJ going to bed only to find a booger on the wall. So, I laid down in the bed and looked around. Wondering where an 11 year old boy could place such a thing. Then I changed the sheets and Febreezed like everything in the bedroom for her. I would rather her be in a girly room but sadly she will be spending her nights with Superman and The Hulk. I guess that isn't too terribly bad if you think about it.

I cannot wait for my friend to get here and spend a few days. I have my birthday and my anniversary this coming week. Lots to look forward tooooo.

Okay, must go pick up the dining room and whatever else I step on along the way.

I hope that you enjoy your Memorial Day!! Who's off tomorrow??

She can still see!!! I am laughing with you NOT AT YOU!!

I know this is a story where you really had to be there to see the TRUE humor. I am still going to try and type it up though.

I am all for convenience and all but perhaps everything doesn't have to come in a handy dandy carry on your keyring spray.

Who has one of these??? I don't have one BUT I know of a certain woman that does!

Picture if you will the following story. I am on a play date. Everyone is laughing. Having a wonderful time. Or they are bickering and we are ignoring them. Same difference.

We have a hurt child. Not terribly hurt but wanting some love hurt. She was sliding down one of those plastic slides and it "burned" a spot on her arm. Anna grabbed her enormous keyring with like 100 keys on it. She had some Neo To Go spray for the hurt four year old. She ripped the top off. If you have one of these then you know the top isn't meant to come off.

The four year old is whining because she is on her death bed. She really isn't on her death bed but you know how four year olds act. So Anna is trying to put it back together and sprays herself in the EYE!!!! I kid you not.

I hear, "I don't want to do blind!"

At this point I am laughing so much my sides are hurting. We are both laughing.

I tell her, "I am laughing with you NOT AT YOU!!"

She sprays the ailing four year old and then she runs off to play since she has her new lease on life and all.

I take her enormous keyring and snap the top back on the bottle. Showing Anna that you just have to spray the bottle NOT take the top off because it really doesn't have a top to begin with.

Then Supermom to the rescue. I get some saline eye drops from my purse and hand then to Anna so she can take care of her blinding eye.

That's what friends are for.

Square Foot Gardening

This year Superdad was all about doing a garden. He wanted to make the most of the space he was going to use. He put a raised bed beside our house. It looked awesome. Here is a picture right after he planted his plants and seeds.

Square Foot Gardening

The book he was using made it simple by having you give each square a certain veggie. He did a wonderful job!

Here are a few pictures I took two days ago.


Square Foot Gardening

One of his squash plants. It already has baby squash on it since this picture was taken.

Square Foot Gardening

Green Beans.

Square Foot Gardening

One of the salad greens. He planted 4 different kinds I think.

Square Foot Gardening


Square Foot Gardening


Square Foot Gardening


Square Foot Gardening


Square Foot Gardening

A few of his cucumber plants.

Square Foot Gardening

The bigger plants are corn and the smaller ones are carrots.

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Since he is having wonderful success he is going to build another square foot raised bed next year beside this one. As for me, I'll stick with my container garden.

Dear Neighbors,

I am emailing to let you know that things are okay here. I know you heard the screaming yesterday because B2 was hit in the face with his baseball. He is okay. His lip is swollen 5 x its normal size. He is taking EOG's today and he might call me when that is over for me to come get him.

Don't worry about the screaming you just heard here. Because poor B2 was stressed to the MAX he had an accident last night. I was sneaking downstairs to wash sheets and such. Lil O KEPT OPENING the basement door. I had this vision of Baby M falling down the stairs and such.

LIL O KEPT OPENING THE DOOR. I'd come running up and slam the door. Lil O would open it again.

It took me like 15 minutes to put some clothes in the wash because Lil O wouldn't listen.

I just wanted you to know that the kids are fine. Lil O is eating. Baby M is nursing. B2 is at school taking tests. Hormonal teen is just being a teen.

Your Neighbor

PS. Let's cookout soon!

Tonight I cried...

...as I cared for my 11 year old son.

In the previous video you were shown his black eye. He got that black eye from throwing a baseball up in the air and catching it.

Only one time he missed.

He was quiet during dinner. He was exhausted from taking the EOG's and the trauma of being hit in the eye with a baseball.

After dinner he goes outside and wants Superdad to play catch with him.

Do you see where I am going with this?

I was cleaning up from KIDS gone Wild when I hear the crying. I look out and see B2 crying and making his way in the house with blood on him. I heard him say, "It's bad."

My poor baby missed the ball again.

His nose caught it though.

I met him at the stairs with a towel. I just sit in the floor holding my baby. Rocking him. Getting him to calm down. I just sit there holding him and rocking.

My poor baby.

I get him up. Fix him a drink and take him to my bathroom. Run him a hot bath. Help him undress and get into the tub.

I wash his hair. This is where I start to cry. I scrub behind his ears and tickle his toes.

I leave him to finish up and relax in the tub.

No matter how old our children get, they are still our babies.

KIDS gone WILD! Coming to a DVD near you.

Mom's do know it all.

I was in the kitchen making coffee this morning when hormonal teen walked in. Here's how it went:

Supermom ~ Do you have on eyeliner?

Hormonal teen ~ No. She says this as she is walking fast to the bathroom.

She comes back in the kitchen.

Supermom ~ Let me ask you a question. Do I BUY you eyeliner???????

Hormonal teen ~ Blah blah blah.....blah blah blah.... Those are the excuses she is making to me. Trying to plead her case. Blah blah blah.....


Hormonal teen ~ Blah blah blah blah...........

Supermom ~ Okay, when you get home we will go through your make-up bag and see.

This is where hormonal teen sulks down the stairs to head to school.

I just want you to know that I am not a bad azz mom. I just think young girls with eyeliner all over their eyes look silly and wish their moms would teach them how to apply make-up. No offense to anyone there. I understand that some kids just do it to pizz you off and others do it because they like the way it looks.

Young girls need GUIDANCE with make-up. They need to be taught.

LESS IS MORE when it comes to make-up.

I even live by that motto and I am 34 years old. Make-up should accent what you have not make you look painted up.

Anyway.....that eyeliner will go away today and hormonal teen will learn that I do know it all. As if she didn't already know this.

O. M. G. Make it stop!!!!!

How do you explain to an 11 year old and 14 year old to not ARGUE with a 4 year old??????

I am always telling them, I mean screaming, to stop ACTING like a 4 year old. Lil O doesn't understand sarcasm. She isn't getting what you have to say. You arguing with her is only make you look like a 4 year old.

They aren't getting it. It seems like all I ever do is fuss! Stop that. Stop this. Leave her alone. Stop talking to her that way! HUSH!!!! No hitting!! No running. No jumping on the couch. No jumping off the couch. Let your sister go. WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Did you hear what I said??? Are you listening to me??? HELLOOOOO?!??!??!?!?!

Really, none of my kids are paying me attention. Do you have any tips? I have decided that no more spanking for Lil O. It really doesn't work. What example am I showing her? Thanks Mrs F, I clapped really loud and hard yesterday and she was like "HUH".

No, how do I get her to listen?

My article was published!!!!!!

Kid Friendly Asheville Travel

You can click HERE to see the original article!!!!!!

My friends think I am a Kung Fu fighter!! CHOP CHOP!!

There was a cute email question going around. You emailed this one question to your buddies and they answered then emailed the question to their friends. You will want to play this and find out what your friends think of you.

Here's the question:

If you saw ME in a police car what would you think I got arrested for?
Reply to me, alone, then fwd this on and see how many crimes you get accused of.

Here are the responses that came my way:

~Gosh, that’s hard. I can think of lots of things for other people : ) but you Hmmmmm…
I would have to say you would get arrested for beating the crap out of a burglar that tired to come into the house.

Something like, Michelle did it with the lead pipe in the kitchen! : )

Although if someone came into the house, isn’t that self-defense? Anyway, you get the point!!

That’s fun!

~Assault on a female. I got this answer twice.

~Beating someone for trying to steal tomatoes from Lil O's garden???

~I would not think you got arrested. Many different things could have happened. I would ask the police officer first. Maybe you were a victim, maybe you were a witness, maybe something else.

~I would say that the police trumped up some false charges just so he could have you within his reach/presence and gaze into those starry eyes. (Hypothetically speaking, of course!) I LOVE THIS ANSWER!!!!

~Battery: Maybe someone pushed one of your kids or said something stupid to them... and you beat them up!

Feel free to comment with your guess for the question. I'd love to hear what my readers might think!!!!!!!!

Let the countdown begin!

Until my BFF Mary Jane is here to visit with me again. If you are a regular reader of mine then you know who MJ is and how much she means to me and my family. This is one of my favorite photos of us together taken a couple years back.

Supermom and Mary Jane.

I met Mary when I worked at Eckerd's. Some how we turned into best friends. We both knew each other before we met and married our soul mates. She was one of the few that was invited to my wedding and she HAD ME IN HERS!!! Right after I had Lil O with my big arms BTW!! I still loved her though.

MJ and her hubby come up once a year and stay with us. We play games. Cook out. Go on the cold parkway for a picnic. Jump on the trampoline. Go out to eat. We just hang.

Even though MJ moved away to be with her prince charming I still call her my best friend. MJ is just special. A good special not a not all there special. ~grin~ We can go without weeks of talking to chatting on the phone like we just saw each other. Isn't that was a friendship is about?

Anyway, MJ is always here around my birthday. Last year she made me a chocolate cake! Also my sister made me an oatmeal pie. I think they were trying to make me fat. Hmmmm. It's beginning to come clear now.

I look forward to spending time with Mary Jane.

I want Urban Burrito to go with my Corona!

Today had been a lazy day.

I want to find a muzzle for the bird that was singing at my bedroom window at 5:30 AM this morning. Yes, I have been up since 5:30 AM!!!! Superdad said he would let me sleep in tomorrow. He's AWESOME!!!

Today I have been baking. I made two types of muffins for the family to munch on. Pumpkin, ground cloves, vanilla and cinnamon. Coriander, basil, vanilla and salt. Since corn was on sale yesterday at Earth Fare I made creamed corn today. I put some in the freezer and some in the fridge! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! It made a huge mess but it will be worth it!

I helped a friend set up a blog. Pepper Knows Best. I made the header for her. Those are her flowers in her flower garden! Go check her out. Make sure to tell her hello and welcome her into the blogging babe world! I might even personally thank you in my next video blog if you let me know! Deal?

Wow, I have been sort of busy in my supposedly lazy day. We are even having take out for dinner tonight.

I may have a busy life. It's my life and I love it.

I sure wish I had a donut......sigh.....

I thought I would type up about my grocery store visit. It was QUICK and painless. Remember this is for two weeks and all organic.

Total $ 174.05

Bakery~Bread $19.65
Dairy $42.31 WOW!!! Assorted cheeses, sour cream, cream cheese, butter and milk products can bite you in the butt.
Frozen $18.51 This is because I bought some frozen veggies to refurbish the freezer.
Grocery~Everything else $31.97
Meat~ONE ROAST!!!!! $21.14
Veggies and fruit $36.24

Impulse~ Mac and Cheese!!! It was name brand on sale for 1.00 a BOX!! Usually it is two something for one box. These are great for a quick lunch. When you are cooking the pasta just throw in some frozen veggies! The kids love it!

Guess how much I saved buying things on sale and using coupons? $20.40

Not tooooo shabby at all!

Today has gotten better for my headache I believe. I still feel sluggish. This humidity isn't sitting well with me though. Mrs F came over and spent a couple hours here. It was nice to have some adult conversation! She is one smart cookie! :) She makes me laugh! HA HA!! I am sure she will have me rolling at CEC for my birthday party! I imagine her talking ChuckE into table dancing for me! Wouldn't that be a riot?!??!??! I am sure with the other GIRLS there that there is bound to be something wild and crazy happen. CRINGE!!!!

I have made my mind up that I am going to stay in my pj's all weekend. Okay, maybe not the same pj's. I just want to take it easy. I have had a busy week and need to recharge my batteries.

A funny that Superdad emailed me:

Click to make bigger!

Ask Supermom

Ask Supermom Icon

It's that time again!!!!! Have fun with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to answering these.

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!! ~whew, what a relief~

Today has been a very busy week. I am so ready for a lazy weekend. I really need that!

L. A. Z. Y.

Today I am taking the babies to Earth Fare to get the grocery shopping knocked out so I don't have to leave the house SATURDAY or SUNDAY!!!!

I am recovering from a headache yesterday afternoon. My body is a bit sluggish so I will be moving slow today.

Here's the menu in no certain order:

Chicken Tacos with homemade guacamole and salad.
Veggie Burgers with potato salad.
BBQ Roast.
Veggie Night. This will be whatever YUMMY I see at EF that is reasonably priced! Probably corn on the cob, sweet potatoes and something green.
Crab Cakes with slaw.
Sliced Ham with twice baked potatoes.

Of course I will tell you how much I spend and how much I saved!



I was wracking my brain to figure out who the John Doe was. Then when the chief said he sent George home early I screamed!!!!!!! I heard he was leaving the show. So there you have it.

Message to writers of Grey's.
~I really really love Lexie and Mark together! Please don't break them up!
~I also wonder how you will write in "Meridith's" real life pregnancy???
~When you are you going let Miranda be happy at home???? Just an idea.
~I'm over the Izzy dying living thing. Are you getting her back for not accepting that nomination by going back and forth????


I want to give all my readers a big hug and little squeeze for the kind comments and emails yesterday. I love being a mom blogger. I hope that you can relate to my blog posts about life and kids. I'll always be true to you and tell you what's up.

I am also glad you liked my youtube clip. I was all make-up less with bags under my eyes. THAT'S keeping it real for sure! As moms we don't always put on make-up for lack of time. We are still as beautiful on the outside as we are inside.

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading The Adventures of Supermom.

Supermom Speaks.

Things you should know when joining Facebook.

I have been debating about typing this up but what the heck. It is my blog after all. This is all hypothetical ANYWAY.

I have blogged about Facebook before if you remember. Calling it MySpace for adults.

Well, I am here to tell you, hypothetically of course that you will meet someone that will cause you a bit of grief. Not everyone is meant to be BFF's. There is nothing wrong with that! We are adults and should act like such. Even if you were friends in high school doesn't mean you are meant to BFF's as adults. IT'S OKAY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We meet many different people in our life and some are there only for a short time for a certain reason.

HYPOTHETICALLY that person may start a blog because you have inspired them. Which is fine and dandy. It's their time. Just don't expect instant success. It has taken me years to get this blog where it is today.

HYPOTHETICALLY that person may offer advice even though they don't know what they are talking about. Since when did they become the expert in life?? I thought that was something WE all learn with age. I also know you cannot believe everything you hear!

HYPOTHETICALLY I knew things about the other hypothetical person and GAVE THEM THE BENEFIT of the doubt. Does that make me FAKE? No, it makes me a person that doesn't judge. A person willing to give that hypothetical person a chance. We are all human, no one better than the rest.

HYPOTHETICALLY that other person wanted to blame others for their unhappiness. Last time I checked it was MY responsibility to make myself happy. Not others. Just because we don't agree on a topic doesn't mean NAMES need to be called. My mamaw always told me that when you hear someone calling someone a bad name their ignorance shows. I never name called but the hypothetical person found it very easy to call me a bitch. HYPOTHETICALLY speaking of course.

HYPOTHETICALLY you should make sure your house is in tact before judging others.

I am no saint. No one KISSES my behind.

I am a nice woman. I make you laugh. I hold your hand when you cry. I give you my ear to tell me things. I am there unconditionally for you without JUDGING. Hell, I'd want to be my friend if I wasn't already my own friend. :)

Jealousy is a hard thing to swallow. HYPOTHETICALLY speaking of course. I don't go around thinking I am special. I know I am special. I have a loving family that adores me. I have friends that think I am cool. What more could I want? Is my life all perfect? LORD NO!!! What would the fun in that be?

I just know that you make your life the way you want it. You can sit around and make yourself a victim or you can get off your ass and do something about it. Stop all this WOE IS ME. Be happy. Live Life. Enjoy what the day brings.

When you have to take that HYPOTHETICAL person off your friends list because you have to move on. IT'S OKAY!!!!!!!!! Just so everyone acts like adults.

I hope that everyone has wonderful ventures on Facebook. Just know that it's okay to not be friends with every single person that went to your school.

Guest Blogger Marlene Byrne: Paving the Way for Backyard Play

Guest Blogger Marlene Byrne: Paving the Way for Backyard Play

Do you remember when you couldn’t walk by a neighborhood park without seeing kids running the bases or taking turns at bat?

I’m not talking about a school-affiliated baseball game. I’m talking about a group of kids playing “running bases,” “pitcher’s hand out” or “500 baseball.” Just kids playing with their friends, modifying the rules as they go, and enjoying the game.

Freely. Without adult supervision, pressure from coaches or screaming parents.

Chances are, unless there’s an organized sports game in progress, your parks and neighborhoods are often quiet. Where have all the children gone?

Unstructured playtime is becoming endangered. The carefree days of our youth have been replaced by a childhood that ends in the blink of an eye. Instead of gathering with the neighborhood children for a game of “kick the can” or “follow the leader,” children are busy with organized sports, school programs, and extra-curricular activities.

Or they’re busy playing electronic games like Wii or Guitar Hero.

And while these things are great, I question their precedence over simple, backyard playtime. Our children are growing up in a generation in which parents, teachers, and coaches tell them how, where, and when to do everything. Add electronic games and you’ve got children who play by the rules and use repetition to achieve the next level.

But I believe creativity is learned over time and eventually spills over into adulthood.

Although our culture tends to place the most value on academic achievement or athletic success, unstructured playtime is crucial to a child’s cognitive development. The world will always be desperate for innovative ideas, thoughtful problem solving skills, and courageous leadership. Unlike organized sports or video games, unstructured play allows children to use their imagination and creativity while they negotiate with their friends.

Our job as parents is to make backyard playtime a priority and really foster play that demands creative thinking, imagination and negotiation among their peers.

About the author:

Marlene F. Byrne is the founder and author of Project Play, www.ProjectPlayBooks.com, a movement that uses a series of children’s books to teach backyard games and get kids out in the backyard, where creativity is born. The books inspire young readers to round up their friends and use their imagination to organize their own games and negotiate their own rules. The first three books in the series, Treasure Hunt, Follow the Leader and Just a Baseball Game, debuted in 2008. This year, Byrne will release two more: Kick the Can in the summer and Ghosts in the Graveyard in the fall.

My daughter has talent. I knew this but wanted you to know.

My daughter H loves playing with photos that she has taken. I bought a domain name last year and told her it was hers to do with what she wants.

This site is going to be a sample of her photographs.

Go look and tell me what you think.

The Asheville Native

The blog isn't accepting comments at this time so you'll have to come back here and tell me!!!

Nothing says fresh like cutting your own herbs.

See my cute baby tomatoes?


Fresh chives, cilantro and peppermint.


I put the peppermint leaves in the sweet tea I just made because I am having company tomorrow. I used the cilantro in some homemade guacamole to go with dinner tonight. I washed and cut up the chives to use for later. Along with a few peppermint leaves.

You take the cut up herbs and put them in an ice tray.


Just cover them with water. Place in freezer. When frozen just pop them out of the tray and store in a freezer bag in the freezer. Just use when needed. Lay out and let the ice melt and you have some tasty herbs to use all winter long.


An email from Target:

Dear Superdad,

I am emailing you to confirm that Supermom did shop with us today!

We love to see her at the store because she is so friendly and always smiling. How did you get so lucky??


I know you cringe when you see the Target receipt come home but just know there WAS ZERO impulse buying. Supermom didn't even graze the 1.00 bins!!!!!!!!! We hate to praise her for that because we make a killing on those impulse buys but that is another story.

Supermom picked out 3 pairs of shoes for the girls. Two are matching sandals the others are Dora sneakers so Lil O wouldn't have a total meltdown in the shoe department.

She also picked up some awesome Target diapers and wipes for Baby M. She is such a savvy shopper!!!

I noticed her buying smaller panties. We praise her on the weight loss since having Baby M. Not that we are spying on her in the underwear section at all. We just thought that was cool! GO SUPERMOM!!!

We noticed she spent a bit of time in our food section. She thought it was awesome that our Hellman's mayo is cheaper than the grocery store. So she bought two. She loved that her Paul Newman's dressing is cheaper here too! She even gave another customer her coffee coupon because they were looking at that brand!!! Wow, super nice of her. She picked up cereal even though the coupons aren't on them anymore. It always nice to save loyal customers some dough by shopping in our grocery section.

She double checked the price of the vitamins for Lil O. We think that Lil O will love the Princess Gummy Vitamins! If not just bring those back! We know you will keep the receipt.

Gosh, we really think you should buy stock in tampons and panty liners! DUDE, you have 4 girls in the house!!!!!! We did give Supermom a 5.00 gift card for buying so many this time. We are trying to help you out any way we can.

Well, we thought you'd like to know she was here today and to prepare yourself for the receipt when you get home.

Best Wishes,
Your Local Target Store

Does guilt work for a teenager?

I would like someone to give me an intelligent answer for this question! The past few days have been rough here in the Supermom house.

It started Sunday night. The perfect end to my Mother's Day! ~sarcasm~

I have a dry erase board calendar in the kitchen for the month. Everything is written on the calendar. E V E R Y T H I N G ! ! !

I noticed that H had penciled TWO events in. I also noticed it was a weekend she SHOULD go visit with her dad since she decided to live here full time! I ask her if she's talked to her dad about what she wants to do since she would be at his house that certain weekend. This didn't amuse her to say the least.

I was trying to tell her that we could work it out and do all that she needed to do. Go to the party and spend time with her dad. She wouldn't hear any of it and started screaming at me. This is turn made me scream back!! Screaming is a vicious cycle!!! I hate it!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!

So she stomps off to her room to slam the door. She is a door slammer. I say, "THERE IS NO TV, COMPUTER OR PHONE UNTIL WE FINISH THIS!!!!!!!!!!" Then I hear SLAM!!!!!!

I was upset because I feel like DAMNED if you do and DAMNED if you don't. I tried to talk to her like the adult SHE THINKS she is and she wanted no part of that.

Soooo, yesterday I get her from school. She mentions that the party was canceled for this weekend and will be next weekend. I was totally over it and kind of shrug with a whatever attitude.

I had a very trying day yesterday and was in no mood to argue with a 14 year old. A dear friend of mine, scratch that, MY BEST FRIEND was in a car accident and it upset me tremendously!!! I was upset and nervous and crying over thinking my friend was hurt. Not to mention that her daughter was in the car as well. I had two other friends supporting me, one the phone and one the computer. They were my life line so I didn't drown so to speak! Thank you ladies. You know who you are!

Anyway.... my friend and her daughter are fine!! I realized how much they mean to me in such a short time!!!! ~Supermom is going to get sappy, so let's move on.~

Plus, I was dealing with another online issue that isn't worth bringing up. I just know my plate was full yesterday and fighting with H wouldn't be on the short list!!!

Sooo, I am running around trying to get my house work finished since the day was shot to hell. The phone rings. It's for H. I tell her to get off the phone.


You did??? I only remember you telling me that the party was moved.

I tell hormonal teenager, "NO PHONE OR COMPUTER FOR TODAY!!!" I think she was getting off easy.

This brings on her wanting to argue. I talked to her in a very calm matter. I said, "I am not going to talk about this again. I tried to talk to you last night and you wouldn't listen."

I stood firm about no phone or computer. She was begging me to let her use the phone. I was proud of myself. She was crying and such. She only told me she was sorry because she thought I would give her the phone back. WRONG!!!

I just ignored it and started making some mac & cheese. She kept standing in the kitchen door watching me. I was going to walk past her to unlock the door because Superdad was home. SHE ACTUALLY HAD THE NERVE TO TRY AND BLOCK ME. OMG. I was in shock BUT I kept my cool.

She mentioned that she was just going to get the phone and use it anyway.

I dare you was my response.

To make a terribly long story short. She went on a hunger strike and wouldn't take dinner from me. She avoided me at all costs last night.

I was proud that I kept my cool. I didn't raise my voice. I acted like the adult that I am.

I am tired of trying to "guilt" her into spending time at her dads. He deserves HER making time to visit him. Should I just leave it alone and let her plan when she goes???? He loves her and was terribly hurt when she decided to live here full time and I think she owes it to him to make the effort to see him more!!! I can only do so much!

As for her AWFUL behavior. How do I handle that? Punish her more? Show her who is in fact BOSS?!?! What??????? Opinions would be awesome here.

Bowling. Must have sense of humor.

Over the weekend we went bowling so we could meet H's boyfriend. I invited friends for bowling and greasy tator tots! There were 14 of us in an empty bowling ally. I thought that was odd indeed. I had pictured old ladies in pink bowling shirts with a cigarette half hanging out of their mouth bowling. Cussing like sailors. It wasn't like that at all. We didn't even cuss like sailors. We did enjoy greasy tator tots with mustard and 1.00 candy bars from a vending machine. They didn't even offer pitchers of beer!!!! What's up with that????

We had a really nice time. At least I hope we all did. Did you guys? LOL

After bowling we hit Papas & Beer for food and no beer. I wanted to be all prim and proper as I grilled the BF. He sat across from Superdad and me. Here is how it went:

Sooooo, how long have you been dating my daughter?
3 1/2 months.

You know my H is a very nice girl. Insert stern glare from acorss the table.
I heard someone say at our table, "We do know where you LIVE."

Yes, we do know where YOU live. Our group the REGULATORS would have no problem coming to your house. They know KUNG FU!

I see Anna making her death kung fu move at the end of the table! CHOP! CHOP!

We ask him about college. He gives us good answers.

We all decided we liked him. We were going to hold up score cards but I forgot them at home. Since he seemed to be a nice young man we decided to NOT make him walk home.

I leave you with a few pictures.

This is how Supermom bowls:

Bowling 2009

Baby M enjoying the bowling ally.

Bowling 2009

Lil O and B2 waiting for O's ball to roll down the lane.

Bowling 2009

Baby M is laughing at me.

Bowling 2009

AHHHHH HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! I rock!!!!!!!!

Bowling 2009

I hope I didn't embarrass my family or friends by being their personal cheerleader!!!

Superdad liked this card so much that he gave it to me twice.

Mother's Day Cards

When you have been given the most beautiful card you always remember it.

My Wife, My Love, My Friend

It's wonderful to be
both your love and your friend,
but being your husband
is best of all-
It means I get to spend a lifetime
with the woman
who means everything to me.

Happy Mother's Day

Superdad gave me this beautiful card yesterday. I vaguely remembered it from before. From the year 2005 in fact. I went looking through my cards from years past to find the other PERFECT Mother's Day card!!!!

I thought it was adorable to be given the same card twice. He should find this card every Mother's Day. Like a card treasure hunt. No cheating by buying lots of them at one time though. What fun would that be????

This kids added another orchid to my collection.

Orchid Mother's Day

We named her Fred. Well, the kids named her Fred. Isn't she a beauty? I love orchids. They are my flower babies. I have one orchid that blooms such delicate flowers year after year that it makes me so happy!!!!

This Mother's Day was perfect.

A lazy day at home with my loving husband and four wonderful kids.

We had visitors to make this day complete. My mamaw. My great aunt. My daddy and stepmom. My MIL. Even though my mom lives in TN she was the first to call me at 7:30 am to wish me a happy day!!!!!!

A very nice day indeed.