You may well never see The Adventures of Supermom on Wikipedia.

We use Wikipedia all the time around here. I was bored and searched for "The Adventures of Supermom" and nothing came up. In the past I noticed that a couple other bloggers had wiki pages so I wanted to be on Wikipedia too!!!

I joined up. Took one whole day writing this great BIO for The Adventures of Supermom and myself. Thought it was very well said and PERFECT for Wikipedia.

Wikipedia thought differently. The page had been up for like five minutes when they pulled it down.


I think I might give it another go today. ~grin~ Why not?


Carolee said…
Aw... now why'd they do that?
Cheffie-Mom said…
Oh, I'm sorry! I would read about you on Wikipedia! (:
Supermom said…

Someone at Wikipedia needs to read my blog and put my page back up.

I deserve to be on your site!!

Pretty please with a cherry on top.
Don't take this personally. They don't really how Super you are like your readers do. Maybe, the rest of us Super Moms can twitter them something mean, like the Twitter Moms did with the Motrin campaign.