Why does the Easter bunny forget to give Mom a basket?

I have a bone to pick with the Easter bunny!! Would it kill that bunny to think of Mommy once in awhile?!?!? Year after year he tends to forget Mom. Sure, he brings the kids an awesome basket which is the reason for his visit but what about MOM??? That bunny will even leave dad a small thoughtful Easter something or other.

She takes care of the family. Decorates the house. Makes it special for everyone.

Would it be impossible to bring her a chocolate bunny as well? Maybe throw in a few Hershey bars. How about a special treat? I am not asking for diamonds or a brand new Dooney & Bourke purse. Unless the purse is a pretty Easter egg green color. Then I might perhaps ask for one.

Might!!! Is the key word there.

So Easter bunny next year when this season rolls around please, oh please, don't forget about Mom.


Anonymous said…
to cute i agree what happened to takin care of mommy!!!!
Tanielle said…
Too funny and totally agree! I guess we just have to settle for eating the kids candy when they go to bed!:-)

Have a great day!

Yeah, the Easter Bunny forgets me too!
Lana said…
Easter bunny overlooks the mama here, too. I may have to show "him" this post!!
Supermom said…
yes, make sure that you show your Easter bunny this post!!! :)
Anonymous said…
Easter bunny must be a man lol, the easter bunny never leaves me any candy. Once he left me a pot of tulips. That was with some urging from me. Next year all moms should leave the easter bunny gentle reminders around the house a few days before easter. Thanks Easter Bunny take care Michelle, Mary from DE aka Popcorn