What was I thinking? A hodge podge of topics.

Apparently I wasn't thinking when I bought Lil O that Dora game for the PS2 on Sunday. I found it in the clearance section and thought she might like it. I should have bought myself a game I would have enjoyed because all I hear from Lil O is,


Oh well, you learn from your mistakes. Or so I've been told.


I hope that you enjoyed my first video entry. Sorry you had to hear H getting her popcorn out of the bowl the whole time she was filming me. She cracks me up! TEENAGERS!

Gotta love them because you can't send them back!


UGH! I am so glad to have the cookbook challenge behind me. It was tiring. I am glad you enjoyed it though. Thanks for all the encouragement and wonderful comments.

Now, to get rid of the extra 5 pounds I have gained.


With May around the corner and the weather in the 80's I went ahead and planted some veggies and herbs around the back deck. I love container gardening. It's great for kids to help maintain. I usually don't plant until after Mothers Day but I was jonesing to get outside and plant! So I went ahead and planted last weekend.

Superdad has the garden space all ready to plant. He's going to the farmers market to buy his veggies this week. I'll post pictures when we are done planting!


Today I will be taking Lil O and Baby M for their check-ups. Oh goodie! They both get shots.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said…
good luck i hope it goes well
Anonymous said…
hey are such beautiful girls
Carolee said…
I'm itching to do my garden, too.

It hit 90 here yesterday, but is supposed to go back down to like the 50's or 60's by the weekend. No garden now!