What I Cannot Change by LeAnn Rimes

Martha at HarperStudio sent me this in an email today. I just sat down to watch it. I am crying like a baby.

It's hard to accept at times that you are unable to change things in life. I lost the man of my life at the age of 15. My papaw meant the world to me. If I could change anything, he would be here with us. I have to go get a tissue now.


Carolee said…
I know- I lost my Dad 3 yrs. ago

It's not easy!

Here's a bloggy hug
I love this song by LeAnn Rimes. I have my own personal version of the song based on my life if you would like to read it.
This is a song that means different things to everyone but its such a beatuiful-true song.
Supermom said…
Karla ~ Thank you for the comment. I went to your blog and read your post! It was awesome.

We have to realize that it's okay we cannot change certain things.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Michelle :)
divacowgirl said…
Tomorrow I'm flying home. I'm visiting the cemetery where my mom was buried eight months ago. It's my first visit since the funeral. I never got to say goodbye and I'm going to try to do that tomorow.
Supermom said…
Many hugs for you divacowgirl!