Tag. I am it. ~running~

I was tagged. Lana over at Living it, Loving it tagged me. How nice of her!!!

I'm to come up with a list of 10 of my favorite film characters (Not favorite movies!) and why I think they are cool. Then I am to tag 5 other bloggers to do the same.

Oops. I forgot to add why they were cool.

Here goes: I am only going to add one clip cause kids are wanting me.

V in V is for Vendetta ~ One of my favorite movies!!!
Do I really need to explain why he's cool!?!?

Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice.
I would like to think I'd be just like her if I lived in the time period.

Daniel in Love Actually.
He tells it like it is.

Lee in The Secretary.
She is an interesting character and I just enjoyed her.

Jenna in The Waitress.
She made me laugh.

Idgie in Fried Green Tomatoes.
She reminds me of myself.

Ouiser in Steel Magnolias.
I think I will be like her when I am older.

Polly in Along Came Polly.
She just makes me laugh.

Ed Bloom ~ young and old ~ in Big Fish.
He touched me during the whole movie.

One more......

Francis "Baby" in Dirty Dancing.
Cause noboby puts Baby in a corner!!

Whew, that was difficult.

I tag:

Mrs F of Mrs Furious.

Helene of I'm Living Proof God Has a Sense of Humor.

CK of CK the Librarian.

Jennifer of Jennifer Saylor.

Monkey's Momma.

I know these ladies will have an awesome list and I am curious as who they pick.


Awesome choices. Elizabeth in Pride and Prejuidce is an excellent choice!
Supermom said…
Thanks. I can sooo see me being there. Only if I could meet Mr Darcy that is. The Mr Darcy from the recent movie with Keira. He was simply yummy!
Mrs Furious said…
I am thinking...
Anonymous said…
Ten?? Too many for this person who's too close to graduation for this kind of fun. :0(

I have been meaning to tell you -- I am the one who has your copy of Love Actually AND your copy of Big Love! I have them and will bring them home to you soon!
Supermom said…
Awwww Jen~ I really wanted to hear your roles. How about just one??

I envy you! Continuing your education! YOU ROCK!!!!!

Soooo, that's where they went!!! Come by anytime! You know where I live!

Michelle ;)