Supermom Cleans House

Here lately I have been working on spring cleaning in the Supermom house. I have been asked for cleaning advice recently so I wanted to update Supermom Cleans House. I will stress again that if you take the time to get everything ORGANIZED then the rest is really upkeep. I take the time every single day to pick up and put every single thing where it belongs so the mess doesn't start.

Remember my motto? Find it a home, make it happy!

I am going to give you a glimpse of my bedroom. It's extremely neat and tidy.

This is a picture of my night stand.

Everything is right where I can find it. No it's not always this neat. Usually there are books stacked on top.

Here's our dresser.

Decorated with our wedding picture. A doily I crocheted and an angel box that my mamaw gave me many years ago. Oh, and a candle for looks.

This is Superdad's night stand.

Here's a picture of the quilt my mamaw gave us for Christmas. I think it is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen. (Except for the ones I have made.)

A close up.

I think having too many throw pillows are a total waste of time. Do you want to see where mine are?

In the floor of our closet. Collecting dust.

Maybe next time I will show you my closest and give tips for keeping it neat.


Carolee said…
Where's all your junk :-)
Supermom said…
Awwwww, Carolee you should know me better than that! What junk?? :)
Michele said…
Help SUPERMOM!!Any suggestions on how I can get Sissy to keep her room clean ...Nothing I have tried has worked! I clean it organize everything and in 2 days its flipped upside down( Look at my FB post more details about how bad it is) She believes all clothes clean and dirty go in the floor and it drives me crazy! I honestly thought about stopping washing her clothes and make her do her own laundry she is 11 so it wont kill her! I was cooking and cleaning at that age remember what a slave driver my mom was lol!