The Secret Life of the American Teenager

**Due to the controversy of this topic I have deleted the comments and closed them. My blog isn't a boxing ring and I'd like to keep it that way.**

I've had something on my mind but haven't had a chance to blog about it. Part of me hoped it was a cruel rumor at school. Sadly, this is no rumor.

A girl that H has known since Kindergarten is pregnant. She is 15. This is a girl I have watched grow up. She has spent the night at our home. We have been to her birthday parties. She has been to H's. I have always been fond of this girl. She is still the adorable 5 year old with the blond hair to me because that's how I remember her from Kindergarten.

I know she has older sisters and that her parents divorced years back. That's really all an outsider would know. The rest are just assumptions on my part.

I do know that she is keeping the baby because she told H.

How did this happen?

Was she not taught about sex? Sexually transmitted diseases?

Did they even know she was sexually active?

Did they talk to her and she just didn't listen?

It really breaks my heart.

I am disappointed that she may never get to finish her education unless she has support from her family. The guy has no interest in being a father because he has moved onto another girl. I hope and pray that her family will do whatever it takes for her to finish high school. Perhaps go to college if she prefers. A baby is a blessing. I worry that with her being so young will she be able to provide a stable home for her baby? It takes everything we have to raise our four children and we are older than she. With age comes wisdom, maturity and patience. Things you need to have when raising a baby.

I admit I was a little harsh when this first posted. I wanted to come back and change it up a bit to get my thoughts out better.

Now lets talk about H.

I am so proud of my H. She is on the right track.

We have taught her right from wrong. We talk very OPENLY about sex in this house. Nothing is hush hush.

H wears a Love Waits Purity Ring. She understands the importance of WAITING to have sex.

That and the fact we have never given H the chance to be in a situation where she is alone with a boy.

Sure I am not naive. I know that the Love Waits Purity Ring isn't going to keep her a virgin forever. It will show the importance of not having sex at such a young age.

I know that H has kissed and held hands with her "boyfriend." That's completely normal for her age. I remember being 14 and "in love."

I just know that there has been NO MORE because I talk to my daughter and she talks to me.