Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar. Admitting when you are wrong.

Since my personal goal is to spend only ONE WHOLE HOUR of the day on the Internet I have been doing other things.

One of those things is watch the telly. I caught a show that I never thought I'd be caught watching. EVER!!!!!!!

18 Kids & Counting ~ It's the show where Michelle Duggar welcomed their 18 baby.

I admit I have made fun of Michelle and Jim Bob several 100 times in the past. I've called them CRAZY!!! Not a good kind of crazy either. We've joked about when the kids are older and write a "Tell All" book about being a Duggar. I wondered if maybe Michelle was addicted to being pregnant and such. The list is lengthy.

How can one woman have so many children?

I have totally changed my mind!!!!! OMG!!! I was wrong about them.

I was in tears as they welcomed their beautiful daughter who's name started with another J. I was so thrilled for them.

This family is so full of love and it shows. Michelle and Jim Bob are constantly kissing and telling their love for each other. It was awesome. I never heard a raised voice. I never heard bickering. The kids are all well behaved. I want to be like that.

We raise our voice here. We bicker. We get angry. We are so not the Duggars.

I even called Superdad at work TWICE to tell him I was all wrong about them.

I'd rather have my family watch the Duggars any day over Jon & Kate Plus 8. The shows are completely different. A loving family with 18 VS a family who bicker and the mom constantly is in a foul mood that fusses at her husband. Hmmmm.....

I want to be a Duggar!! I will be emailing them after I post this asking them if they'd like to adopt a 34 year old woman with 4 kids. I seriously would love to meet this family! If you know a Duggar or are a Duggar please contact me!!!!! I think you are a wonderful family and set a SUPERIOR standard to other families!


Carolee said…
I love the Duggers, too! You can see the love emulating in that family.

It also almost makes me sad seeing them. We too are not the perfect family.
Debbie said…
I haven't seen them but I did see the other show you mentioned once. And I couldn't stand it. Maybe I'll try to catch this one.
Supermom said…
Awwww, you didn't like Rita?

My husband didn't either. :(
Anonymous said…
My daughter is in love with Jon and Kate Plus 8...actually, I think she is in love with the 8!! Kate's bossiness rubs me the wrong way, ugh.

She also loves the Duggers. I love the way they all work together.

I only watch when my daughter is hanging out here instead of at the sorority house. Apparently she is home a lot!
Mr Furious said…
Ugh. I can't STAND Kate.

On the way thru Pennslvania, Mrs. F remarked, "Heads up, we're going through Jon and Kate country!"

"I have my finger at the ready." I replied.
Supermom said…
Mr F - now be honest. Did Mrs F go prepared? Like with her J & K book or DVD box sets??? So K could sign them?? Ha ha. JK
Katie Mae said…
I can't lie... I can't stand the Duggers and I absolutely ADORE Jon & Kate!

The Duggers to me are a couple of adults who wouldn't have the household they do if they didn't depend on the older children raising all the younger children FOR them.

Jon and Kate... for me, the irritated, exhausted, agitated etc. moods make the show more real. What parent who actually has to take care of their children doesn't get crabby?

When it comes to hands on parenting... Kate takes it hands down!
Supermom said…

What makes them any different than long ago when people had so many kids to help on the farm??

I'd still rather me a Duggar than have Kate as my mom. CRINGE!!!!!

Anonymous said…
Ok now time to share my opinion, Kate is mean to her husband. Her children are in my opinion her little tax refunds. I really dont beleive she likes her kids.
Jim and Michelle have no clue as to what to do with all those kids. As Michelle once put it in a show her job is the newest baby, the older kids are buddies to the smaller ones. Making her kids clean cook an do laundry. Let those kids out for some real fun once let them wear pants.

My new favorite show is table for 12. Betty and Eric can handle those kids all alone. Yes i have seen the two older twin boys chip in but they are not the ones doing every thing Betty the mom rocks. And on top of it all she does not care if she has piles of laundry. She loves her children and handles them rightfully so, it touches my heart to see how each of her kids and the hub and wife care for their daugher Rebecca the handicapped child. They are my new favorite shame on Kate an Jon; use Betty and ERic as an example of positive parenting.
Oh who paid for the new house for Jon and Kate , Jon is not employed and hasnt been for over one yr,
ok time to come up for a breath and to rest my typing fingers,Mary
SwagGrabber said…
OK I have to chime in on this one....lol. I agree the table for 12 is a much better show, it is atleast real and how they handle everything is amazing.

The Duggars scare me - anyone else think possible future cult? There is something really odd going on there.