Making the kids a personalized Easter basket doesn't have to break you financially.

Easter around here to pretty low key. I give each child a treat. We dye eggs. We celebrate as a family. My kids know what Easter is really about. It's not all chocolate bunnies and fake green grass.

Last week I hit the $1.00 Store for my bi-monthly shopping trip. I was able to buy for Baby M's first birthday party.
House hold stuff.
Lots of Garnier Fructis hair stuff for us girls.
They also had Breck de-tangler for Lil O. That stuff is a must for kids with long hair. OR short hair at that.
Brillow pads.
Dishwasher powder!! <~~~it works just as well as expensive brand. You cannot beat it for only a 1.00 a box. I bought several!! The Kool Aid powder you add to water bottles. The kids love them. I can get a box of 8 for 1.00 or spend 4.00 for 12 at Ingle's. You do the math and tell me how much you save. I stocked up on them buying like 12 boxes. They also had name brand ziplock storage bags at a steal of a price. I need to remember that next time so I buy more boxes.

Oh, the best thing I was able to buy!!! You ready????

Easter on a budget.

All my Easter basket goodies!! More like Easter pails. I bought them couple years back at Target in the 1.00 section. They are tin and pastel colors! I reuse them every year. :)

I have a TOTE full of Easter decorations in the basement. I will get it out over the weekend. I save special things over the years from the kids. My mamaw always gives me an Easter decoration as well. I'll take pictures when I get everything out for the kids!