It's such a pretty day.

I am taking a moment to sit down and type up a blog before I go cook for the cookbook challenge.

Today I met friends at Fun Depot so our kids could play. I really enjoyed it and glad that I have people around me with the same interests and they are cool to hang out with. :)

I wanted to start my 3 thankful things every day again.

1 ~ The beautiful pink dogwood trees are beautiful. One of my favorite things with Spring.
2 ~ Hearing the birds chirp.
3 ~ Good company.

Life is truly a blessing. Thanks to those that bless my life.

Moving on....

I have changed my comment rules. I love when my readers leave comments and please keep those coming. From now on keep the comment about the blog post you are commenting on and no name calling. If your comment isn't nice in any way it will be deleted.

We are all adults and entitled to our own opinion. Trust me, I will continue to tell you my opinion because this is my blog.

I have been a blogger for over 4 years now on different sites. I love to share my crazy life with my readers and I will continue to do that. Remember, without you, I'd just be talking to myself!


Carolee said…
I love the great outdoors, too!

And I promise, if you let me visit your blog, I won't do any name calling :-)
Supermom said…
Carolee ~

You come visit anytime!!!! Feel free to comment!!!

Michelle :)
Anonymous said…
Sometimes our emotions over come us. In a heated moment perhaps the wrong things are said. But at the end of the day things are always righted. Much like in marriage and adventures of daily living.
No one ever means to cause hurt. I just love adding to Michelle blogs.
Althought my girls are almost 24 and 19 IM still a mom at the end of a busy day. No as much of a supermom as our Michelle girl you ROCK, Mary
Mary Mc G from DE said…
MIchelle keep the recipes coming girlfreind
Supermom said…
Well personally MARY I KNOW YOU ROCK!!! I have enjoyed our friendship over the years!!

I am glad that you enjoy reading my crazy blog.

I love you,