I learned a compacting lesson. The hard way.

(I actually think I already knew this lesson but had forgot. Or I could have mentally blocked it out.)


Never take your TEEN or four year old grocery shopping with you.

Usually my grocery bill never goes over $200.00. Until now.

$200.21 for two weeks of groceries. All organic. I know the .21 isn't that big of deal but it is to me. It would have been much cheaper if I had gone alone. Let's see where I spent money, shall we?

Impulse ~ $36.07 Wine ~ for me and on sale, three organic crispy cat candy bars ~ which are made locally and delicious, 4 herb plants ~ to plant tomorrow, strawberry ice cream and mints.

Bakery ~ $16.05

Dairy ~ $20.73

Meat ~ $30.08

Produce/Fruit ~ $28.67

Want to guess on how much I saved by coupons and buying things on sale? $20.34

AWESOME!!! I would have been really proud of myself if there weren't those crazy impulse buys. If I had gone alone my bill would have been under $200.00

I'm glad spring break will be over this weekend. Then I can go to the grocery store like I normally do. :)