Have you ever had one of these moments?

You have a funny feeling then ask yourself, "Where's the baby?"

Have you seen the baby????

You get this feeling in the pit of your stomach as you run around the house looking for the baby.

Only to realize she is in bed taking a nap. The exact same place you put her an HOUR ago.

Then you realize what a dumb ass you are!


Yeah!!! I know what you mean! In addition to doing that while I am awake, I dream that I forget to pick up my kids at daycare. Usually,in the dream, I fall alseep at work and then wake up and realize that the daycare has long closed and I am all frantic. Ironically, I used to have this dream alot when my nine year old was much younger and then it stopped for awhile. Now, since the baby has been in daycare, I have been having those dreams again. What is even more ironic is that I have never forgoten to pick them up and I am sure I never will.
Anonymous said…
oh god have i ever try i did that about an hour ago i almost fell out and then i remembered she is sleeping duhhh a true mom moment
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
YES!! i have had a few of those! Today i locked myself out of the house while my baby was inside. which is funny b/c last week i was watching that In the Motherhood show and one of the characters did that, and i thought to myself i will never do something as stupid as that, and what do i do the same dam nthing.
Supermom said…
HA HA!! Thanks for being honest ladies!! I don't feel so stupid now!

Michelle :)
Kelly said…
I have been so tired that when the baby was really quiet while I was driving I panic and think I left him somewhere. Then I look behind me and realize Im crazy.
Monkey's Momma said…
Yeah, Been there, done that!