The Emperor's New Clothes

There will always be a clothing "issue" when it comes to kids. Going back LONG AGO!!!! I am sure my great grandmother would cringe at a piece of clothing my mamaw would wear. My mamaw the rebel I am sure was a handful at a young age. I am just like her I'd like to add and very proud of it.

These days we worry about teenage girls not being able to breath because their tight pants are cutting off their air supply. DON'T LAUGH! You know I am right. OR we worry that their ever growing young boobs will fall out of their shirt! AGAIN, NO LAUGHING!! ~grin~

This morning as I was "dying" in bed from this cold I heard Superdad tell H, "I bet it took you FIVE minutes to get in those pants." I was amused but didn't want Superdad to know. Him being a guy and all. Protective over the teenager body that H has. I thought it rather sweet. He's such a good daddy.

"Come let me see the pants it took you FIVE minutes to get into H."

She protested that it didn't take her FIVE minutes to put them on. I was trying so hard not to smile as Superdad is mouthing, "THEY ARE TOO TIGHT!"

She comes into the bedroom to show off her skin tight jeans. Yep, that's what they were. Skin tight. She looked nice like always. I am sure underneath her smile she was gasping for air!! She had on a brave face though to not show me the excruciating pain she was in to actually breath.

I smiled and shrugged and sent her on her way. Hey, if she wants to be blue by her second class who am I to protest only causing more of an argument. I let this one slide this morning. I didn't have any fight in me.

It's okay Superdad. Let her enjoy those skin tight jeans while she can. One day she will tire of them and realize that they aren't all that. Thankfully I never liked SKIN TIGHT jeans. I am more of a tailored jean kind of gal. They go better with my leopard print heels BTW!

Since I am fussing about clothes let me start on my 10 year old son B2. (He will be 11 this month.) JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAVE A DRESSER AND CLOSET FULL OF NICE SHIRTS YOU CAN WEAR!!! Dammit, why do you insist on wearing the SAME FREAKING SHIRT ALL THE TIME. Over the weekend as I was putting up his clothes. I notice I always fold the SAME shirts every week. Is he too lazy to go through the drawer to get another one? Does he really like those shirts?

I have mentioned this to him before. When he kisses me goodbye in the morning I have sent him to change his shirt a few times.

"You JUST wore that shirt!!! Go pick out another one or I will!"

This week I made it easy for him. I myself took the initiative and picked out 5 DIFFERENT looking shirts for the week. I laid them out in his chair all ready for him this week. I told him to grab a shirt from THE PILE I MADE and he could pick out his pants.

So, yes B2 has TONS of shirts if you are wondering. He just chooses to only wear a select few. I am sure out of laziness to go through the drawer or even open the closet door to get another one.

He is a boy after all. Should I really expect anything else?? ~grin~

While I am at it lets talk about Lil O. FOR THE LOVE OF GOODNESS STOP CHANGING YOUR SOCKS!!!!! I have blogged before about Lil O's sock fetish. She gets it from me so I shouldn't even fuss. She changes SOCKS several times a day. If she is really fond of a pair she will WEAR THEM FOR DAYS!!!!! I am not kidding!!!!

Does anyone else have these problems???


Anonymous said…
I think it is the parents responsibility to censor their childs clothing. Of course girls are going to want to wear things that are inappropriate because of the sex crazed state this nation is in. It is our job to tell them no and be the bad guy or the uncool parent.. My daughter is nine and is always trying to buy things that are in my opinion "trashy". And since the designers make them for her age (for some ungodly reason) I have to be the bad guy and say no. Now in response to you blog, why care if your son wears the same shirts (if they are clean) if you let your daughter wear pants that are "TOO TIGHT"- quote from superdad. To me if one thing is going to be a big deal they both should be. Have a great day..
Supermom said…
Anonymous ~

I totally agree that it is the parents responsibility to be the bad guy. I do it all the time. If you are an avid reader on my blog then you will know this.

If the pants were that awful H would have been told to change her pants. The blog was written in humor, like most of my posts, not to be taken too seriously.

I agree that the clothes aren't made for "little girls" or "teens" anymore. They are made to be "trashy" and way too skimpy than I like. If I had it my way then H would be wearing a UNIFORM to school. Sadly though she could even make the uniform look "hot".

As for B2. I just hate to see him outgrow shirts that haven't even been worn. He can wear his chess shirt every day if he wants. Even sleep in it. I just hate to see things go to waste. No biggie. It won't kill him to wear another shirt. He is 10 after all.

Thanks for the comment. Just know this is a comical blog not to be taken too seriously. You'll miss the whole point.

Michelle :)
Kelly said…
Yes! I think this is universal. My seven year old is already worried that people won't like what she has on, and she may change 3 times before school each morning. I hate to see the teen years. Jamie(3 yr old) does the same thing as B2. It seems like he never has something different on, and when he does I wonder "where did that come from?" Don't worry about H's pants. I too used to where pants that looked painted on, and it got on my dad's nerves to no end. Now, after 3 kids, Im just happy to find a pair that fits. Have a great day!!
Katie W. said…
Also having several children with ages ranging from teen to toddler... I feel your pain. My 16 yr old wears the same clothes over and over and over again... I think his socks could walk off on their own. My 15 year old has what teen boys think of a "smoking hot body", but she has become more reserved in her clothing choices over the years. She likes things that are stylish, yet she doesn't require to have anything showing that doesn't need to be. I attribute this to her growing relationship with Jesus (yeah go ahead and roll your eyes people...but I'm serious)... My 12 yr old however likes to push my limits and think she can walk out of the house with something on that "I" wouldn't wear on Halloween as a sexy costume. She goes to cheer practice and I SWEAR she rolls the top of her cheershorts so much that she has extra cheeks showing. GRRR
I do understand your clothes frustrations but I know my mother dealt with it with me also once. Payback is a witch isn't it? LoL

BTW... I like the new blog layout... I hadn't seen it.
Kelly said…
ps ...I saw where your email but I can only preview my mail. still cant get into my email for some odd reason. I will read the whole email when yahoo decides to let me in. Glad you are enjoying my blog and I hope you are feeling better.
Traveler said…
love you blog!
I'm connecting to you through Bloggers Connect.

Take Care,

Helene said…
I totally remember the days of pouring myself into skin tight jeans. I'd lay on the bed and use a wire hanger to get the zipper up. Not happy memories!!

Hopefully, your daughter will figure out soon enough that it's not worth getting a tummy ache and having to forgo lots of deep breaths just to wear tight jeans. We all have to learn the hard way, right?
Carolee said… 11 year old GIRL does the same thing. She has soooo many nice clothes and at times chooses to wear the shabbiest of the bunch!

Like her momma-she goes for comfort. It could be because of her Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

It will be interesting to see if other moms of young girls have the same problem.

BTW Supermom, you were mentioned on my new blog, Bloggers Connect by a reader who landed on your blog & wanted to recommend it to others. Check it out:
Cheffie-Mom said…
Oh, I remember those days with my daughter, Marissa. And your husband sounds like my husband! Marissa is 23 now - time goes by so fast!
Supermom said…
I knew I wasn't the only one. Thank you for the wonderful comments!!

Michelle :)
Missy said…
My 5 yr old LOVES, no she's OBSESSED with socks. She refuses to wear plain solid colors, they have to have stripes, polka dots, something busy all over them. She even has a red pair that have yellow, green and blue dinosaurs all over them. I figure if they make her happy, then what's the harm? They may not match, they may get worn for several days in a row, but who cares. Her funky socks aren't hurting anyone ( as long as they stay away from the 3 day in a row
Monkey's Momma said…
My son is the same way about his clothes. One summer I spent a ton of money buying him some really cute clothes. But nooooo, they did not have Star Wars on them, so it was a fight to get him to wear them.

Sometimes you have to pick your battles.
Mary said…
I think anonymous needs to get a life. But, I digress. My 10 yo boy does the EXACT same thing. So does my 8 yo girl, and she has TONS of clothes. Drives me nuts. But I shouldn't complain since before long she'll be wearing "too tight" jeans! ;-)
Joy Beadworks said…
I swear my 10 yr old boy couldn't even FIND his clothes in the laundry because he doesn't recognize them! I don;t theink he ever looks down when he's dressed!
divacowgirl said…
When my seventeen year old was ten I sent him to camp for the first time. I sent him with seven pairs of jeans, seven pairs of socks, seven pairs of get the idea. When he got home he had four clean pairs of pants, four clean pairs of underwear..etc.