Don't be hatin'. My daughter doesn't think I am cool.

I see another t-shirt added to my collection soon. Who can get me a "Don't be hatin'!" tee??? I can add it to the "That's how I roll" one. HA HA!! I can feel my teenager cringing as I type this. Let me explain the love of my new phrase.

We watched that silly movie Malibu's Most Wanted weeks ago. I loved it when he said, "Don't be hatin'." I laughed and laughed about this movie. Leave it to my teenage daughter to own this DVD! ~shaking head~

So, yesterday I was saying, "Don't be hatin'. Do you know what hormonal teenage daughter told me??? "Don't ever say that again! Seriously, don't say that." ~sniffle~ No respect I tell you! I told her, "Don't be hatin' because that's how I roll!" I laughed. She wasn't amused. I really think she doesn't think I am cool. Come on!! I am SUPERMOM!!! I am totally cool!!!! Aren't I?

She will come to appreciate my humor later in life. :)

Thanks for everyone taking part of the poll. It looks like some of you want me to do another video post. Some even want me to wear my leopard print heels! A couple of readers said no. ~sticking tongue out~ You lose in this one. :) I am not sure when I will video post again. Soon, I promise.

Right now I have so much going on. Life got busy but I wouldn't have it any other way. It makes me feel productive. The garden is going. The kids are fantastic. I have reviews to do. I have things on my mind with helping Renee. I have more cupcakes to make for her as well. She deserves them. I know I said I would scream if I made anymore anytime soon. Well, I lied. She deserves them and she will get them after her meeting. Did everyone check out her ETSY shop??? I hope some of you blogged about her or please add her ETSY shop link to you page!! I promise to say thank you in my next video if you let me know it's posted on your blog!!!

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I am here to please!

Okay, Supermom has life to enjoy and more coffee to drink. Don't forget:

Don't be hatin'. ~laughing~


You act like you didn't know that was going to come out of your teen. Let's face it. When you child gets to be about 8 - you become old and embarassing. (One of the perks of having children.) I have a nine year old and the older he gets, the more embarrassing I got. At least, my eight month old absolutely loves me and I should get about eight more years of that.
Supermom said…
Well, ummm, I had hoped she would enjoy my humor just a BIT!!! I tolerate hers so she could repay the favor! HA HA!!!
Anonymous said…
Funny. I hear the "don't say/do that again" from time to time too! I pretend that she's joking!
Penelope Anne said…
Honey boo - i talk trash all day every day and mine know better than to say anything to me! Cause Ill call them haters and pull out my pimp hand on 'em in a hot second! LMAO! I think my kids are immune to spazousity (is that word) Sterling asked me a couple of days ago while were walking Hope if all kids thought their life was stinky and i said well its hard b/c you feel like you dont have any control, but you get more freedom as you get older - and he said "oh - so its a learning process?" and i said yes and he says "...and then we get to do it to our kids?" and i said "Yep thats the cycle" LOL!

-I totally cant wait for the cuppys! I havent had home made cuppys since I made them for Romans birthday 3 years ago - so Ive giving this post 2 very enthustiastic thumbs up b/c you've agreed to make them in writing now! LMAO!!!! XO
Supermom said…
lol yes, the cycle we call life!!!

He's such a smart guy!!!

yeah yeah I am making you cuppys. After seeing your pics today on FB you aren't joking about loving them!! Geesh!!!

Have a wonderful afternoon. We are hitting Marcos for the Dining Out For Life that has been going on all day.

Michelle :)
Penelope Anne said…
Oh my said pooh~ how nice!!! I LOVE their greek pizza - ill have to stop at the one on merrimon after Kung FU! Smooches!
Supermom said…
Well I will be there at 6 until ? If you see me make sure to say hello. :)

Kung Fu Fighter. Chop. Chop.
alicia said…
Thats funny!! I know all to well what you mean I have a 12year old, and its already starting.