Cause That's How I Roll.

It's always interesting to hear "sayings" come and go. You never know what you might hear next.

I was wracking my brain to come up with some stuff I used to say but my brain wasn't up to working capability when I typed this post up. Humor me and comment with your favorite saying!!!

It's a running joke in the house with the saying, "That's How I Roll."

It bugs Superdad to hear it.

So guess what I did?

Bought a really cook t-shirt to wear EVERY chance I get.

That's How I Roll t-shirt

Cause That's How I Roll.


Helene said…
I love that shirt!! That's also one of the sayings I use around here when the kids ask "why" about something...I'll just say "cuz that's how I roll". I also use "just so you know" a lot. And let's not the forget the awesomely famous "because I'm the mom and I said so"...I have a feeling you probably use that one a lot too!
Jenny said…
that is an awesome shirt. i must get one :D
Anonymous said…
I love it!
Awesome shirt! What does your teen think? Is she willing to be hang out with you wearing that shirt?
Supermom said…
Ha ha. Funny you mention the teenager. She said I couldn't wear it and be with her. To which I said, "I'll wear what I want cause that's how I roll!"
Ha ha!!