Candy Stick Lane ~ Homemade boutique clothing at its BEST!

Facebook rocks!!!! You can quote me! Let me tell you why I think this! A couple weeks ago I was cruising FB to see if I recognized people from school. I stumbled across a blog from a woman I went to school with. We really didn't know each other in school but I'd love to get to know her now.

I saw her blog and what she does. She has MAGIC hands! A wonderful talent!!! I fell completely in love. I sat around all day wondering how I could get the word out about her and the clothes she makes! Soooo, I emailed her asking for a bio and pictures! I wanted to blog about her on 3 of my sites and hopefully my readers will blog about her as well. Feel free to COPY & PASTE all about her and her clothes. Or you can just link back to my page! PRETTY PLEASE!! I might even do a special video post to thank you personally. Maybe even have Renee join me!

Would you like to see these beautiful clothes!??? I just know you will fall in love as well.

Introducing Candy Stick Lane:

Candy Stick Lane

Candy Stick Lane

Isn't she amazing?!?!?!? Now don't you agree that we need to get the word out about Candy Stick Lane?!?!?!?

Would you like to meet the beautiful talented Renee?

This is Renee and her three wonderful children, four if you count Hope the dog. Her oldest daughter was her inspiration!!! How awesome is that?? Here's the bio that Renee sent me. Enjoy!

My name is Renee Eggleston - I design and construct boutique clothing for sizes NB-12 Years. I am a 33 year old single mother of 3. I have been making boutique clothing for little girls for the last 16 years and it is truly a labor of love. Ebay has been my venue since 2001 and I just joined Etsy in 2006.

I taught myself to sew when my daughter Krystal was born, because I wanted to be able to make her holiday themed outfits. It was a long hard road! I made over 300 items the first year and I only kept a handful and threw the rest away!

I did, however keep a journal and made entries for each garment I made. I noted what worked and what didn't, what notions were friendly and which fabrics worked well with what sewing machine feet! That journal proved to be invaluable and I haven't looked back since!

I love fabric, I have mounds of it in my studio~especially great vintage finds! I'm always on the lookout for any vintage fabrics that I can use. Vintage curtains and bedding are great for recycle into little girly play pieces. I'm always experimenting and learning new techniques, and I share tutorials on my blog and on Saturdays as a guest blogger for

People always want to know why I don't make more things for boys and why so many dresses and the simple answer is love dressing little girls and I LOVE dresses. I always have, when I was little, now that I'm grown - nothing is more feminine to me that a cute flattering dress or skirt and they are so much fun to wear.

My Kids are my life! Krystal is 16, Sterling is 10 and Roman is 9. I work full time at Mission Hospitals at Fullerton Genetics Center. I love what I do, but I'm hoping that after some readjustments, I can stay at home at least part time and spend more time sewing and with the kids before they are all grown up! The baby of our family is a 2 year old rescued Pit Bull that we've had since she was 3 days old named Hope - she keeps us all hopping and happy! Our household is very light and festive - we all love music, dancing, jokes and playing hard and we LOVE being around each other.

Links to find Renee and her beautiful clothes:

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Penelope Anne said…
Supermom said…
Renee. You have got to call me. My number is on FB!!! Hurry!!!
Penelope Anne said…
EEEEK! Ok - I just got off the phone with her. She wanted to wait til after vacation so we could have time to sit and talk. Shes leaving today and wont be back. So we've tentatively set up an appt for May 12th - HOORAY! iM TOTALLY THRILLED!!!! She's very interested in boys things - especially toddler ties - so - ill be hammering away on that this weekend - LOl!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU 1000 times <3 SMOOCHES
Supermom said…
You are very welcome!

I am happy for you!!! Have fun with those ties!

Cheffie-Mom said…
So, so cute! Love that little purse! Too bad my kiddos are older!
Anonymous said…
hey her clothes are to pretty i love them