The Birthday Girl and her Cake. Don't worry she won't cry at her party.

I can deal with this ONE WHOLE HOUR on the computer. I rather like it. I was able to put together the IKEA bookshelf for H's room. Well, that was about it. HA HA!!

Here are a few random pictures of the birthday girl and her cake/cupcakes I made for her birthday party tomorrow.

Baby M with the phone.

Baby M loved her birthday present.

Baby and birthday toy.

Baby M also loves to stick her tongue out at EVERYONE now.

Baby sticking her tongue out.

Baby M loves new toy.

She is able to get in the little chairs now.

Baby M sitting in the chair.

I decorated the cake and cupcakes for the birthday party tomorrow.

Ready for Birthday.

Birthday Cake

Pretty Cupcakes.


Lydia Dustin said…
Gorgeous girl! Yummy treats. The cake was amazing. Did you make all of those little stars yourself? Very impressed.
Supermom said…
Thanks. Yes, I made all the stars. I am still huntched over to prove it. Ha ha.
She is such a character, isn't she? She is such a happy baby! I love all your posts about her!