April is almost over?!?!??!

I have been busy cooking for the cookbook challenge. I think we all have gained 5 pounds each! I just finished another recipe and it will post tomorrow.

The sun is shining. I am wearing shorts. Lil is wearing a summer dress. She has ALL winter. She has a thing for dresses and you cannot talk her out of them. If you remember she was wearing a pink summer dress in our Christmas picture. HA HA!! As a parent you know when to pick your battles.

I wish I had some exciting news to share. Sadly, life at the Supermom house has been going smoothly. Which is really good.

No teenage drama. Well, since the pregnant 15 year old that is.

B2 is being the typical boy. His birthday party is Saturday at Asheville Pizza Company. He is pretty excited about that. That reminds me, we need to take LOTS of quarters so he and his can friends can play video games. Tomorrow I will be baking and decorating 24 cupcakes for his special day. I'm not sure how I will decorate them but it will be fun to come up with an idea.

Speaking of birthday parties. I will be 35 in May. I thought I'd have a birthday party and invite my friends and their kids to join me in turning 35. My BFF Mary Jane will be in town so that will give her a chance to meet my gal pals! I thought I would have my birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Seriously!! I think it would be cool. Superdad said I could have my party where ever I wanted. I will reserve it online and see if they email me making sure that is the right age. Because they ask how old the birthday girl will be and I'll fill in 35! HA HA!!!

Since my friends have kids it's the perfect place I think. The kids can run wild and so can we! Plus, I can have my picture taken with Chuck E and get a special birthday cup!!!!! Who wouldn't want to 35 that way??? I could act my shoe size. 7 1/2.

I guess no news is good news. Right? That's what I always hear anyway.

Anything exciting happening at your house??? Please share it with us!!!!!!


Cheffie-Mom said…
I'm happy you are doing well! I just got back in town and I'm catching up on my blog reading. enJOY your day!
Supermom said…
Now where did you venture to? I didn't get a postcard or anything!

Have fun catching up. Not much to blog about these days. I need to start more controversy or something.

Michelle :)
Mrs Furious said…
"I need to start more controversy or something."

So glad you're opting out of the Passion Party ;)
Supermom said…
Mrs F ~ Well, that could have been blogged about and would have started lots I am sure!

I am still up for CEC myself!

Michelle :)