The Adventures of Supermom has a plan, like always.

Today is grocery shopping day. Supermom Style.

I had to come up with a "compacting" menu using what we have in the house already PLUS work around the cookbook challenge. You know where I cook a different recipe for 7 days to review the cookbook I was sent in the mail.

Here's my plan, in no particular order:

Limeade ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. For Baby M's birthday party.
Homemade Granola ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. For snacks and breakfast.
Tuna Macaroni Salad ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. For lunches.
Mexican Chicken Casserole ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. Dinner.
Potatoes Au Gratin ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. For dinner to go with my BBQ roast.
Spiced Pumpkin Bread ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. For a tasty dessert, snack or even a quick breakfast.
Oven Fried Fish Fillets with homemade Tarter Sauce ~ Both for Cookbook Challenge. Dinner.

Be sure to check back to the Cookbook Challenge on Monday!!!

Plus, I will be making more Chicken Wild Rice Soup for Superdad since he loved the last I made. Makes a quick lunch or dinner.


We are having Baby M's party on Saturday with our family and friends. So, today I am making the cake and cupcakes. I will be decorating them as well. Just for Baby M. I will post pictures of course.


Sunday is B2's birthday. He will be 11!!!!!!! We are going to have his party the following Saturday at APC. We are hitting the game room and vegging out. Maybe even watch a movie. Who knows. HA HA!!!


I have started a personal mission. Cut back my online time. This includes blogging and Facebook. Yes, even Scrabble. I feel like out of boredom I come to the computer. So, from now on I will spend only ONE WHOLE HOUR a day on the computer. The other times I will just grab a kid and let them entertain me. Unless they are napping then Scrabble here I come. :)

This should be interesting. :)

I'll be back to post about how much I spent at the grocery store and how much I saved!


Chicken Wild Rice Soup - sounds yummy! You think you could share the recipe?
Anonymous said…
i was a fan of the granolla recipe i thought of trying it