$195.34 Let's break it down Yo Gabba Gabba style!

Yesterday Superdad took me to Earth Fare for my shopping. Which was totally awesome because he took the babies with him and I had my own cart!!! Ahh, it is the little things in life.

I spent $195.34 for TWO weeks of groceries. All organic.

Dairy ~ 25.13
Fresh Fruit & Veggies ~ 36.34
Meat ~ 38.52
Random Groceries ~ 69.71 It was a bit more than usual because I was refurbishing things like ketchup and salad dressing. To name a few.

IMPULSE ~ Yes, we had some this trip. 27.14 WORTH! Cookies (mine, on sale), juice, sushi, breakfast burrito and yellow squash (SALE).

I SAVED $21.59 buying things on SALE and using COUPONS!!! WOOHOO!!! Seriously, if you want to eat organic you can do this also! It takes some leg work but well worth it. I was tickled to save 21.59! That's less than 100.00 a week for all organic for a family of 6!! Awesome work if I do say so myself.

Mrs F really inspired me to DO better! Thank you Mrs F!

I came home and cut of the beautiful organic strawberries to use this week. Washed my spinach to use for salads this week. Then I made some chicken and wild rice soup for lunch this week.

I felt pretty crummy after all of the above so I grabbed up Baby M and took a nap. After taking my meds of course.


Easter is all set. Everyone chipping in is really making it a true family gathering!

Me ~ Pineapple Casserole, Sweet Potatoes w/Pecans and Sweet Tea.
My Mamaw ~ She is buying a Heavenly Ham for the occasion, making deviled eggs and rolls.
My Great Aunt ~ Corn and peas.
My Stepmom ~ Potato Salad and slaw.

YUMMY!!!! I am still working out the details for having 12 people at my dining room table. I am guessing we are going to have to set the kids up at a "kiddie" table so the adults can all be at the table.


Instead of wasting eggs this year by dying them I am going to start a new tradition with my babies. This is a tradition my mamaw had with me at Easter. We are going to make special Easter cupcakes. ~ ahhh, memories ~

You know where you dye the coconut green to be grass? Add jellybeans as eggs. Make a basket handle with pipe cleaner. Tie a pretty ribbon on the handle. Pretty Easter cupcakes.

I've invited a friend over to help with the festivities! Should be fun!!!

The hard part will be NOT EATING the cupcakes. They are for Sunday after all! LOL

Of course I'll post pictures. I always do.


Mrs Furious said…
You're welcome ;)

What do you mean waste eggs? You don't eat the dyed eggs?

And what is a Heavenly Ham? Is that a Southern thing?
Supermom said…
Nope. No one eats the eggs.

Heavenly Ham is a place you buy the honey ham cooked and cut spiral.
Mrs Furious said…
Ah... we know that as "Honeybaked Ham"

No one eats the eggs!?! That's my favorite part!!
Supermom said…
yeah, she calls it "heavenly". There are two ham places in Asheville. One is heavenly and the other is honeybaked. LOL

How's it going??? Passed your house the other day going to the market.
Supermom said…
PS. remind me to carry gas mask in van if I stop by your house around/after Easter.

Since you like the boiled eggs. :)

Ha Ha!
Anonymous said…
really looking into doing this organic food thing so i would appreciate tips please and also any coupon sites you may have
Anonymous said…
oh goodness no dont eat the eggs after they have been out for about an hour because they collect bacteria i got food poisning like that about 2 years ago if you want some make extra and keep some in the fridge
Monkey's Momma said…
YooooGabbaGabbaaaaaa For You!