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Wow, my day just keeps getting better.

Top Mom Blogs ~ Thank you for keeping me #1.

Don't be hatin'. My daughter doesn't think I am cool.

Out of the mouths of babes.

Candy Stick Lane ~ Homemade boutique clothing at its BEST!

What was I thinking? A hodge podge of topics.

Supermom Speaks.

I wonder why I am gaining weight?!?!

Kids are so cool. I must have another!

Supermom needs a cocktail!!!

Mommy needs a cocktail!

Miss Manners would agree.

What I Cannot Change by LeAnn Rimes

April is almost over?!?!??!

It's such a pretty day.

Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Supermom Cleans House

Something to think about.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Tag. I am it. ~running~

Happy Birthday B!!!!!!

Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar. Admitting when you are wrong.

Birthday Party Flickr Slide Show.

I learned a compacting lesson. The hard way.

The Birthday Girl and her Cake. Don't worry she won't cry at her party.

The Adventures of Supermom has a plan, like always.

Cause That's How I Roll.

Happy Birthday Baby M!

Guest Blogger Clair ~ Saving Money While Freezing in the kitchen.

I got the best text message the other day.

Eco-Friendly Baby Furniture

Why does the Easter bunny forget to give Mom a basket?

Easter Pics with the Super Family

Happy Easter!!!!

24 cupcakes and a 2 layer cake later...