Supermom says WTF and really means WTF!!!!

Found on Neatorama. I just C & P'ed for you to read. I didn't say any of the below. SKILLZ isn't what I would call it. Ignorance. Stupidity. To name a few is what I say!

If you think that talking on the cell phone and driving is dangerous, wait till you hear what else this woman did: she breastfed her baby while driving her other children to school!

Police say it is against the law to drive with a child in your lap. Children under 4 or 40 pounds must be properly restrained in a child safety seat.

In this case, officers said Compton had the child in the lap with the baby’s head up against the steering wheel. They say there is not only the risk of a crash, but deployment of the airbag.

Compton said she will take the advice of the officers into consideration, but she may breast feed her baby while driving in the future if she feels that is is necessary.

If you think about it, she’s got some skillz breast feeding, talking on the phone, and driving all at the same time!

WHIO Dayton TV has the story (and video clip): Link


Oh Boy! Boys! said…
Someone should have called Child Protective Services.
Michele Renee said…
And they thought Britney Spears was bad.....

Although 8 years ago I have used the breastpump while driving home from work. I'd get home and have enough to make a bottle to use for the next day for my 4-month old.
yeah,... remind me not to be on the same road with her..
Anna said…
Wow, talk about multi-tasking! I am pretty confident the kid could have waited until the car was stopped. Way to teach good values!