The Supermom Sandwich

I have found my all time FAVORITE sandwich ever!! I "invented" it all by myself! Go make yourself one and let me know what you think!!!

2 slices of bread, I use white.

Spread lots of mayo on bread. Add some lettuce leaves to one side. NOT ICEBERG.

Slice up an avocado. Put on bread.

Sprinkle with a garlic salt and pepper.


Even Superdad likes it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's what I had for lunch the past couple days and what I am having for lunch today!!!!!!!!!!

I'll post a picture later!

~yes, I am still typing with one hand~


Anonymous said…
That sounds really good! One of my favorite sandwiches is bread, with lots of mayo and sliced (hopefully good quality!) tomatoes. Salt.

My daughter thinks I'm nuts, but just yum.
Supermom said…

I love tomatoes on and or in anything. I also bet they would be fabulous on my Supermom sandwich!!!!

I hope you are having a nice day.
CK said…
YUM! I could eat avocado on anything! :)