Supermom is having wrist surgery.

I would like to ask for your help with The Adventures of Supermom.

I had wrist surgery 10 + years ago. Now, I require another wrist surgery. I went to my hand doctor back in December. He wanted to wait 3 months and see how I felt. Nothing has changed.

I am scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, March 10, 2009. Yes, I know that is next WEEK!! Yes, I know that is the day before our precious Lil O turns 4. Yes, I know that is four days before Lil O's birthday party at Growing Young Cafe. Yes, I know I will be all bandaged up unable to move my fingers. Yes, I know I will have to keep my arm elevated above my heart. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, I know I will be sporting a cast for several weeks. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Supermom has wrist surgery.

That is where he plans on cutting my beautiful wrist. In the total opposite way he cut it last time. So now I will have a + scar on my wrist. :)

I am really not freaking out. YET.

Okay, your mission if you choose to accept it is.....................

I would love for you to email me your favorite mom memories. Or really anything. ASAP! I will schedule them to post while I am recuperating. You'll be my guest bloggers so to speak. I am also going to get Superdad to help with The Adventures of Supermom as well. Right honey????

So get those emails coming please. Thank you!
iheartsupermom (at) aol (dot) com.


Oh Boy! Boys! said…
Sorry to hear the bad news Michelle. Why don't you ask the Super Moms at Twitter Moms for some help? I am sure that they would love to helf. Take care of yourself.

Supermom said…
Such a great idea Lana. I am posting it right now.

Michelle :)