Superdad said the D word!

He wasn't talking dandelions or dominoes either!!!!!!!!! ~giggle~

We were talking this morning. In bed. While I am laughing hysterically he says, "You better not blog about this or I'll divorce you!" HA HA!! I know Superdad would never divorce me. Like I would never divorce Superdad. Even if Jason Statham had the hots for me.

He loves me way too much! It was very comical.

Wish you'd have been there to hear the discussion. Well, no I don't. That would have made an uncomfortable situation.

Tell me some thing exciting that happened at your house this weekend! Don't leave anything out!


Mrs Furious said…
Mr F and I don't know what the D word is.

That probably says something right there.
Supermom said…
HA HA!!! Like????