Spending $178.47 on groceries for two weeks for a family of 6.

Yesterday I hit Earth Fare to do the grocery shopping for the next two weeks. I planned out the menu and made the meals easy for the kids to fix while I am recovering.

I spent $178.47 for two weeks. All organic. If you break it down you can see why it was so expensive this time.

$40.00 for meat.
$28.00 for dairy.
$22.00 for produce.
$18.00 for frozen. My impulse buys were frozen veggies. They had a KILLER sale so I stocked up on a few extra bags.
$56.00 for baby food, salad dressings, juice, salsa, crackers, soup, popcorn and oatmeal to name a few.

I saved $14.51 using coupons and buying things on sale!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

I think I did rather well myself. I was over charged by $7.00 so I am going back today to get that fixed. I was charged 3 times for an item. I only had one. So, I want my $7.00 back.

Today it is going to be 76 degrees!!! Compared to the kids missing TWO days of school last week for snow and now flowers are blooming. Weird weather.

We have B2's scout banquet this afternoon. He will OFFICIALLY be a boy scout after tonight!! I know he is thrilled!!!!!

I am going to go schedule a few posts for when I am away. Have a nice weekend!


Jennifer said…
That is awesome! Less than $100 a week for ALL organic? Wow! I wish I could shop like you. I am slowly switching over to organic, but I haven't been able to make the switch to organic meat.
TheXMom said…
WOW!! That's an awesome amount.. I spend over 200 for one week of groceries... I'm definitely going to have to do some tweaking.
My Lil Guyz said…
I thought organic food was more expensive! I usually spend $250-$300 which will last me about a week and half.
I do find myself spending more on frozen food. My kids are so picky... Plus I still have diapers, which I'm hoping to get rid of soon :)
Michelle said…
My weekly budget for a family of 3 is $70 so being able to feed all organic on less than $180 is very impressive to me! I am also curious how you could get the price so low. Organic always costs so much more.