My two week shopping trip. $193.80 ~ All Organic

I was able to grocery shop on Saturday at Earth Fare. I spent $193.80 total. All organic. I was able to break it down to explain where the money went this trip.

bulk ~ $10.56
cheese/diary ~ $30.82
meat/fish ~ $36.54
produce/veggies ~ $28.95 Lots of fruit. Kiwi, mango, avocados, bananas and strawberries.
grocery ~ $57.60 Water, cookies (ON SALE), tuna, pasta, mac & cheese and assorted other things not worth typing since I am using only one hand.

rotisserie chicken ~ $6.99 I made some awesome soup with the stock. I threw in dried pinto beans, dried white beans and dried split peas. Carrots, celery and onions. Salt & pepper. Chicken. Remember how I told you about cooking potatoes before they go bad? I had some in the fridge. I cooked the above until the beans were done. I got some of the potatoes out of the fridge and diced them. Added them to the soup and let it simmer for 15 more minutes!! IT WAS YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

sushi ~ $11.20 That was our lunch.


In the next day or two I am going to make bars with cashews and muffins.

~more one hand typing for you while nursing Baby M~