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The making of a Candyland birthday party.

You start with ice cream cones.

Candyland Cupcakes

Add your cupcake.

Candyland Cupcakes

Ice with tasty icing.

Candyland Cupcakes

Sprinkle with sprinkles!!!

Candyland Cupcakes

Candyland Cupcakes

Don't forget the gumdrop tree.

Gumdrop Tree

There were ginger cookies. Lollipops. Candy bracelets. Juice boxes. Treat bags.

Candyland Party

Blowing and making a wish.

Candyland Party

Candyland Party


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Candyland brings back a lot of fun memories with my daughter! The party looks like fun.

Superdad said...

Fortunately, no picture is included of the cones that ended up on the steps as I made my way to the car. No worries though they were repaired and some unsuspecting party goer never knew.

Carolee said...

Wow, you are so creative!

Supermom said...

It was fun. Thanks to everyone that came!!