Living the glamorous life.

I was driving home from the grocery store a little while ago and realized it had been four whole years since I was in the working field. I was a drug store manager. Dressing up. Remembering safe numbers and security codes. Counting money. Unloading stock trucks. Stocking shelves. Ordering. Dealing with customers and dealing with employees. Ahhhh, such a glamorous life. I tease!!

I go from the above to wiping snotty noses with my shirts. My dress code has changed from heels to clean pj's. Or even semi clean pj's. Stepping on toys. Dealing with tantrums. Managing naps and carpool. I am now a personal chef, art director, nurse, playmate, monkey bars, and insert every thing a mother does during the day for her family.

Do I miss working? Not really. I am very blessed to be able to stay at home and tend to the youngin's. Thanks SUPERDAD!!!!

I was feeling pretty this morning and snapped a few pictures of the growing hair. Me like. I really love the first picture.

March Hair 2009

I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!


I too DON'T miss working either. HA! I hardly "work" here. After all I am the Champion of avoiding housework! I love your hair. It is adorable and I like all 3 pics. :)
Tami said…
Cute pics and I do not want to go back to work anytime soon. Maybe someday just not soon. Oh yeah, used a Rotisseirie (sp?) chicken the other day for 2 casseroles and chicken stock in the freezer. Thanks for the great ideas.
Debbie said…
I don't miss working at all. I do miss the money though:)
Anonymous said…
I don't miss working either and i have no plans to ever work again! or at least for the next 5-10 years!!! i love being a stay at home mom! Being a stay at home mom/housewife is a full time job and people that dont do what we do will never understand what it is like!! I t takes a special person to be able to handle it!!!
Tanielle said…
Super cute pics. I love being home and don't miss working one bit! Although sometimes it would be nice to have conversations with adults! Have a great weekend, and good luck on your surgery!
You do look very pretty! I like the first shot best too:-)

I'm glad to see so many people not missing work. I work from home and sometimes want to quit because it can be so stressful with little ones here. I really love my job though and lucky I can work when I find a free moment. I would never want to work in an office again though! yuck. I prefer pjs and snot over dealing with work people each day:-) It is a rare treat when I get to dress up and visit client's offices. Just glad I don't have to be there full time. Home is awesome! Enjoying the kids... the best!
Supermom said…
Glad we are all in agreement about NOT MISSING work!

I hope you are enjoying the weekend!
Hi, I'm Amy! said…
I work, ugh - but one day I hope to stay home... sooner than later, PLEASE!

Love the hair... are you growing it out?