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I tested Superdad. He passed.

After reading a recent post from another blogging babe I put Superdad to the test.

I sat down on the couch with my paper and pencil and made Superdad really uncomfortable.

What's my favorite color? Blue. (I look at him) Green. It's one of those.

Correct answer: I really don't have a favorite color. I would go with green though.

What color are my eyes? Green. Correct.

When was our first date? December 1, 2002. Correct.

What's my middle name? Lynn. Correct.

Where was I born? Here. Correct.

One thing I never liked about myself? Freckles. Correct.

My favorite food? Mexican. Correct.

My favorite hobby? Computer. Correct.

One of my favorite movies? Love Actually. Correct. I have this movie but I cannot find it. Wahhh. I have been wanting to watch it since Christmas. Have I let someone borrow it????

What's my shoe size? 71/2. Correct.

As you see Superdad did rather well. I couldn't think of anymore questions to ask him. He then turned it around on me. I answered his questions perfectly I believe. I do listen to you honey!

Okay, must go feed the kids. They frown on having to fix their food themselves.


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