I HEART my dry erase boards!

Out with the old. February.

In with the new. March.

Being a Supermom I have to have a way to organize my thoughts, chores, appointments, menus and everything in between. For me I have SEVERAL ways. The above dry erase calendar is on the fridge. It's where I put chess, scouts, speech, doctors appointments and BIRTHDAYS!! Notice the birthday cakes and balloons on certain days? I am pretty artistic. LOL

It is also where I put my weekly menu so I know what I am cooking that day. It never hurts to have a plan.

I also have a dry erase board with just a week on it. I am able to assign each child a chore on certain days. That way there is no guess work. After school they check the board and do their daily chore. Works out nicely.

Then there is a desk calender on my little private desk. It has all the things I have to post on
Kid Friendly Asheville. I try to do that site by the month. Unless I am sent some thing special to post.

Last, I have a calendar in my purse!

Even with all this planning it never fails that I miss one event I am sure.

Do you want to share how you keep your life organized????


Marya said…
I haven't figured out an organization method that I can be consistent with yet and probably won't until all four are grown...