I have a block of some sort.

What's wrong with me? Why can I not think of a topic to write about? I have one good hand and one hand that needs work BUT I want to type up something witty that you will enjoy.

Here is it a Friday night. Lil O is passed out on the couch. H and B2 are watching the telly. We are getting ready to watch Carolina basketball. GO HEELS!!!!!

It's been raining for D A Y S ! ! ! ! ! !

Tomorrow H is going to spend the night with the grandparents. She will enjoy that grandparent love! I want to do NOTHING tomorrow!!!!

I decided to make Easter lunch this year. I figured the Saturday before we could dye the eggs. Sunday have some family over for an AMAZING meal. Ham, pineapple casserole, peas, sweet potatoes and corn. I can make my famous homemade pumpkin pies for Superdad! Then we can have a major egg hunt with the couple hundred plastic eggs I have. I am super excited about Easter!!!!

Then I have to plan Baby M's first birthday. Yes, you heard me. FIRST!!!! I feel like it was yesterday that I shared her very first picture with you. ~sniffle~


B2 turns 11 in April as well. Goodness, life is speeding by.

Time to watch our team play some basketball.

Why yes, I still look like Orphan Annie!!!!!!!!!