I don't want to brag but I am!

I am married to the best man ever! Here it is 1 pm and I am finally up from our bed. Superdad got up with the children and told me to stay in bed.

He made me coffee.
Brought my meds.
Fed all four kids.
Brought me breakfast in bed.

He even changed THREE poopy diapers! Baby M was on a roll it seems. Here is a bit of our conversation as I was sprawled out on the bed.

Him: This makes 3 dirty diapers I have changed today. I've fed the kids. Brought you breakfast.

Me: Yes, it's super sexy. You will get laid for this. Well, in a day or two.

I will hold true to my word too!!! I'll try to shave and be all sexy with one arm all bandaged up!

~more one hand typing~


Renee said…
Oh you should definitely brag...sounds like you have a super husband...but would we expect anything less from supermom :)
Helene said…
Awwww, he sounds wonderful!!! Glad to hear he's taking good care of you!
Mary said…
Superdad rocks! What happened to you? Hope you're better soon.
Supermom said…
Thank you!!!!!

Mary~ I had a cyst removed. I hurt my wrist doing something stupid 11 years ago. This is my second surgery on this wrist.