Give me back my baby, you warthog from hell!!

***FYI!!! The title is from the CLASSIC movie Raising Arizona! The movie has sparked several quotes at our house.

I love him so much!

Give me that baby, you warthog from hell!

They have more than they can handle.


I had the worst dream in the early hours of the morning.

My sister had taken Baby M and wouldn't give her back. I was begging for my baby back telling my sister, "I cannot believe you are doing this. She hasn't nursed in three days!"

I remember feeling so confused in the dream. Hurt. Wondering what in the hell was going on.

Then I remember all of us are at the table. Her husband is telling us how sorry he was about what happened and she only took Baby M because she couldn't have anymore children.

Baby M was ALL SMILES when they handed her back to me.

I remember thinking if she would nurse because it had been two weeks.

This is where Lil O woke me up THANKFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!