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Eating organic doesn't have to be expensive with planning.

Due to comments to a recent blog post about buying organic on a budget. I thought I would post a few tips.

  • Before you do anything, take a look to see what you already have on hand. Fridge. Freezer. Cabinets.

  • Make a menu using things you already have in the house.

  • Prepare your grocery list. Make it simple.

  • Check for sales.

  • Buy in bulk. For example I checked on Dried Chives. I could buy a spice jar size for $5.00 or I could buy the same amount in bulk for about .40 Yes, the price difference was that much!!!! From now on I will always buy spices in bulk.

  • Check for coupons. I have found that the products I buy the most offer coupons on their site. I also have a few organic coupon links listed on the right side of my blog. I always check those out after my list is made.

  • If it's not on the list then it doesn't go in the buggy.

  • Make more homemade meals. For example I make muffins and bars for snacks. Using mostly what is already in the house. "Convenience" will cost you much more. I blogged about how much I save by making my own granola bars verses buying them by the box. You will want to read about that here.

  • Make enough for left-overs.

  • Buy a rotisserie chicken. You can eat on it for a week. Lunch. Dinner. I blogged about this before. Go here to read what you can do with that one rotisserie chicken. Mrs F gets a big THANK YOU for this idea. She offers many more great ideas on her blog.

How's that as a starter? Due to having surgery tomorrow I am working on getting my house in order. The kids and husband need to be taken care of while I am recuperating! I will leave you with two adorable photos of Baby M. She loves to PLAY with empty BOXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walking Baby M

Walking Baby M


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