Do you dream in color?

The other night I had the weirdest dream and have been wanting to share it with you.

I don't recall being a mom or even married in this dream.

I was with Jon & Kate plus 8. I was one of the nannies. We were outside playing with the kids and such. Then Jon kisses me. In my mind I thought since it was a reality show that I guess it was okay for him to kiss me. Not sure about the thinking of this.

Later on Jon was in the hospital. Kate was with him. She called the house and I told her the kids were all fine. I offered to bring her some thing to eat since she was at the hospital.

I get there. We talk. I go in hospital room to tell Jon that Kate went home for a rest and that I would be staying with him. I remember him laying on his tummy in the hospital bed. He sort of flips me over the bed and lays a big deep kiss on me.

This is where Lil O woke me up! Thankfully!!!!

I am guessing since I watched a few of The Bachelor shows and made a comment that he kisses all the girls. I am not sure.

So, yesterday I was talking to Superdad on the phone and told him I was watching my boy on TV. Lil was watching Jon and Kate Plus 8.

So, what do you think this means?