Breastfeeding isn't for the weak.

~before the title starts any controversy, just know it's ONLY a TITLE~

I breastfeed...

in my bed.
while taking a bath.
in a PARKED car.
while shopping at the mall.
in a restaurant.
in church.
on play dates.
in the bookstore.
while cooking.
while playing with the kids.
while blogging.
while playing SCRABBLE.
while talking on the phone.
sitting in carpool.
at other houses.
at the hospital.
at the doctors.
after I had surgery.
with one hand.
with help.
around strangers.
around my kids.
around my friends.
around my family.
I almost had to breastfeed while typing this blog!
while playing on my Blackberry.
while cruising the Internet.
at the movies.
on the beach.
by the pool.
while grocery shopping.
while enjoying my coffee.
while working on a crossword puzzle.
during a school program.
while sitting under the Christmas Tree.
at the Grove Park Inn.
while crocheting.
while writing a letter.
during a party.

Insert 100's of other places here.

I guess the title should be, "Where HAVEN'T I breastfed?"

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