At last my Friday has come along.

I have been busy getting ready for wrist surgery. That and playing Facebook Scrabble! Tending to the kids. Sort of cleaning. Whatever.

Yesterday I sat down and made an easy menu for the week. Then I printed out the coupons I needed from the organic coupon section I have over there on the right. Later on I will tell you how much I spent and how much I saved with my coupons and buying things on sale.

Hamburger Pie, which is like Shepherds Pie. I just add a can of condensed tomato soup to the meat mixture. Then sprinkle some cheese on the mashed potatoes before you bake it.

Chicken Stroganoff, which will make enough for two meals and a couple lunches. Plus, it can be thrown in the crock pot and I won't have to try and chop anything up.

Meatloaf, which will be two meals.

BBQ Roast, which will make two meals. One day serve it with sweet potatoes and something green. The next day put it in rolls and you have a BBQ sammich. Serve with chips. Easy!!!!

The above are fairly simple and the kids can help prepare. I will have ONE good hand and then add their 6 good hands. We should be set.

Monday I plan on cleaning the house and finishing up laundry. I will make muffins and bars so they will have snacks for the week. I will also prepare and cook the meatloaf. We can have it for dinner on Monday and they can heat it up for leftovers on Tuesday. Meatloaf is better the second day anyway.

See, I sort of have it all figured out.

Today H is going to her dads after school for the weekend. I know she is worried that she will be "fussed" at over her decision. I hope that they just let things be and enjoy each other. We will see her tomorrow at the scout banquet for B2. It's a hard situation on everyone in the picture.

Anyway......must get up. Clean house. Grocery shop. Rest. Probably all in that order.


Anonymous said…
You are so organized! I am sure that it will work out just fine!

I will be thinking about H and her dad this weekend. Hugs to all.
Supermom said…
Thank you!!! :)
Anonymous said…
Supermom said…
Hello to you the anonymous comment leaving person.