Angels are singing.

~The clouds parted. The sun rays came to earth. I even think I heard angels sing.~

H admitted that I am always right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I did hear angels sing.

This morning I was sitting in my comfy chair in the living room feeling so blessed. All four kids were hanging out with me. Talking. I sometimes cannot believe they all belong to me. They make me so happy. Make my life so fulfilled. Make me who I am.

As a parent welcoming a second child you may wonder if you can love the second child as much as you love your first?

I am here to tell you that you cannot believe the love that will pour out of your heart for each of your children.

I love H.
I love B2.
I love Lil O.
I love Baby M.

No more or no less.

I just LOVE.


Dr. Elon Bomani said…
Being a supermom, I know how you real making sure your are giving love to all your kids....I just every morn. commit myself to telling the kids first thing, I love you, a hug and a kiss...I might forget who is who but I know I spread the love....
Dr. Elon Bomani
Mrs Furious said…
It's so true. I really did worry that I couldn't love another as much as I loved Kid. And then... you do. You just love them all to infinity and beyond.
Carolee said…
I think you love them all differently , for their individual characteristics- yet love them the same amount
Supermom said…
Well said!!!!!!!