The Adventures of Supermom gets a substitute.

This is H filling in for Supermom today, at first I did not know exactly what to write about but I'm just going to share on how it feels about having Supermom as my mom. First of all I would have to say that she is always there for me and I can tell her anything but I haven't told her everything (shhhhhhhhhhh).

As I was saying she has taught me many life skills like cooking and helping with my brothers and sisters (I have no clue how she does it alone). She has given me plenty of advice for being a teenage girl but the thing is that I can never get it through my head to learn what she said but then once I get hurt from not listening I then understand and well then it doesn't help me very well but that's just how teenagers are, I guess.

It's very interesting having her as a mom because if I have kept something from her she comes in my room and says something like,” So H I saw so and so and I found out so and so" and by then I'm like oh crap, and I end up spilling almost everything out, but I guess that's how moms are suppose to be and everything.

I love having Supermom as my mom because it's like I can always ask her about something and she's going to tell me the truth maybe not the whole truth but most of it. Sometimes I want to tell her some things like first kisses between me and my boyfriends but then I'm afraid that I'm going to get a lecture or get in trouble or told that I shouldn't do that or something close to that but then I remember (sometimes) that Supermom is like my best friend and that I can tell her anything but then I have to remember that she's also my mom that I can't tell her things that she doesn't want to hear.

Well I'm running out of things to talk about. So I guess I'll go. Bye everyone!!!


Supermom said…
Awwww, thank you H!!!

Just know you are everything I always wanted in a daughter. Hormones and ALL!

I love you,
Monkey's Momma said…
That is very sweet!