You have to have a plan to make it work.

I sat down and made the menu!

Chicken Stroganoff with Salad
Hot Dogs with Slaw
Veggie Night ~ Baked Sweet Potatoes, Corn and something green
Tortilla Pizzas with Salad
Hamburger Steaks with twice baked potatoes
Baked Spaghetti

Snacks ~ Muffins, bars and veggie sticks.

I was able to find some amazing coupons and look forward to the total price of this shopping trip.

This morning we went to Growing Young Cafe for a play date. I went ahead and reserved their space for O's birthday party! I got to thinking about our space with all the kids running around where would we put everyone?? I can rent the cafe and play space for 15.00 and hour. Pay a few extra bucks and they clean up the mess. Even if you add up the 22.00 I spent on party things, 37.50 for renting the place for 2 hours and cake supplies I will still spend less than a Chuck E Cheese party.

I was worried that it would be more than I want to spend but it will not. You only turn 4 once so I guess it will be okay.

The girls can even have a tea party there!!! They will love that! I will too.