Valentine's Day on a budget!

I wrote this up for Kid Friendly Asheville and wanted to share it with you.

This craft lesson will be all about Valentine's Day. You don't have to spend a small fortune to let the people you love know you love them.

I was able to spend $20.00 for our family of 6 for Valentine's Day. This even includes Harry Potter Valentine's for my sons class. There are so many resources for free and cheap Valentine's.

I am going to show you how to make these awesome pop-up Valentine's cards. This is what I am working on for my family. Cards cost too much in the stores. So this year I opted to make my own.

I only spent 1.00 on these cards. That was to buy a pack of 36 red heart doilies. I already had the other supplies.

I used a thick scrap booking paper. I tore them in half.

Valentine's Day Pop-up Cards

Then I folded it in half. Then in the center of the fold you will need to make two cuts the same size. Open the card and then push the cut part into the card. Fold. Then open and it will look like this. That's your pop-up tab! COOL!!! Huh?

Valentine's Day Pop-up Cards

Then you can decorate. Make a silly picture or message for the pop-up. Then just glue it to ONE side of the pop-up tab.

Valentine's Day Pop-up Cards

See. The I love you tab will pop-up when you open the card.

Valentine's Day Pop-up Cards

Here I glued a red doily to the outside.

Valentine's Day Pop-up Cards

Then added my message to the pop-up tab.

Valentine's Day Pop-up Cards

I hope that you enjoy making these cards!!! They can be made to any size. Just use your imagination!

Here is a place you can go to get some free Valentine's. Just use a heavy paper to print them out. AWESOME!!!! Bookmark her site. She has all sorts of free downloads!!!

Don't forget your local 1.00 store. They are great for any holiday!! I bought heart napkins and a pack of heart cups to use on the day of love. I also found Valentine novelties, bagged candy and box candy for treats. They even offer boxed Valentine's your kids can give out at school. I found Harry Potter for my son and I Spy for my daughter. They had all sorts of "name brand" for only 1.00.

Happy Valentine's MAKING!!! Have another idea? Let me know!


bettyl said…
Very cool indeed! I will definitely pass this on to my evil stepchildren!
COOL!!! Glad I could share!!!