Supermom coming to a TV near you on Sunday!

Sooooo, I think I am ready for my close-up.

Supermom Comes to WYFF4

by Justin Antoniotti on February 4, 2009

Raising four children is no job for mortals. It takes a Supermom. Local blogger and creator of The Adventures of Supermom shares the daily highs and lows of raising a newborn, toddler, 10-year-old son, and teenage daughter. Supermom will talk to WYFF News 4’s Kelly Coakley live Sunday, February 8 at 7AM on WYFF TV4.

In a new post Supermom shares a letter she wrote to Baby M, her nine and a half month old daughter:

I am so proud of your accomplishments so far!!! WALKING!!! TALKING!!! DANCING!! You are such a copy cat. The other day I had a tickle in my throat and kept clearing it. You cleared your throat for DAYS copying me.

I enjoy when you follow me all through the house.

I enjoy when you stand by the bathtub patiently waiting for me to get out.

I enjoy watching you try different foods. You have SIX teeth!!!!

I love it when you give me a slobber kiss.

To read the entire letter CLICK HERE and don’t forget to tune in Sunday, February 8 at 7AM on WYFF TV4.


LYIS said…
Woah! That's exciting and scary! Congrats!
Supermom said…
Tell me about it! LOL
Oh Boy! Boys! said…
Most of us do not live near so if you can post a link to the news segment, we would love to see it.