I didn't have to ask WHAT IS THIS? I didn't have to ask WHO did it? I didn't have to ask WHY?

I simply said, "B2!!!!!!!!! Go get a wipe and wipe the BOOGERS OFF THE WALL!!!!!!!"

He didn't DENY it either! I don't care if it is YOUR room there better not be anything wiped on the wall. That is LAZINESS!!!!!!!!!! And GROSS!!!!!! And etc...

~shaking head~ Little boys sure can be entertainment!

I had the best day yesterday. My lil sis called out of the blue wanting to come over. We talked over coffee. I made lunch. We enjoyed the Eclair Cake that I had made. We talked some more. Then all the kids went outside. I was left to feed Baby M. We both fell asleep in the chair.

Ahhh, I really do have a nice life. :)

I will leave you with a few pictures. On Sunday I get up and make pancakes for my family. It's our tradition. Baby M is now able to enjoy it with us. She ate two baby pancakes!!!!

Pancake Eating 101

Pancake Eating 101

Pancake Eating 101

Pancake Eating 101


Renee said…
Baby M is ADORABLE and looks like she is loving pancakes...maybe this means her nickname will have to change?!?

GROSS-boogers on the wall-don't you just love boys??? :) I have to constantly remind mine to use a tissue and not his sleeve-ugh!
Supermom said…
Renee-hmmm, she has several! LOL

Lately I call her Tubs or Tubby. Then I call Lil O Crocket to which she says CRICKET!!!

Totally ruining my Miami Vice theme.

I hope you have a great TUESDAY!!!