Planning a birthday party on a budget. Part 2.

This morning we hit the $1.00 Store. I had a list and lots of ideas. Plus I happened to grab a handful of the Candyland cards so I could give Lil O an idea of the colors we were looking for. That way she could FOCUS and match colors. My mamaw went along to help. This is what we picked up today:

Red and Purple plates. Blue napkins. Red plastic spoons/forks. Happy Birthday Cups. Red streamers. A Happy Birthday banner. A birthday candle that is the number 4. Purple tablecloth.

Party bags and novelties to go in them. Disney cards and tops. Rings. Silly straws. Stickers. Sprinkles for the cup cakes. Party Invitations!! 20 things for around $22.00 bucks. I think that is AWESOME compacting for a great birthday idea.

We can use the game board as a centerpiece in the middle of the table to set things on. I cannot wait for this PAR-TAY!!!!!!


Monkey's Momma said…
Looks like it will be a fun, colorful party!